Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Secret is OUT!!!

Ok so yesterday i drove to dallas, stayed with a friend of mine (Apes!) and this morning got up and went to meet my friend timmy. We had been planning for over 7 months to surprise my friends as i would just show up in dallas without any warning. Well we found out that we had 1 hour to do something b/c everyone was meeting to go see a high school football game in texas stadium. (Go figure....texans)

We had many ideas, such as tim driving my friends through the parking lot and "accidentily" run me over. haha. woulda been funny, but a)i may have damaged timmy's new car and b) i may have actually been hurt. so we decided against that idea. the other idea was to climb up my friend zach's blacony and push either my face or my butt against the window. but again, we hit a snag when the balcony wasn't climbable. dang.

so tim just knocked on zachs door, went in while i waited outside. then i called zach and spoke to him, and knocked on the door and they opened it completely shocked. i did the same to adam except i tackled him while he was in his boxers. ha. funny.

then we all went to the football game where, for those of you who know them, i saw the luttrells AND harold! yes, harold from the bbq restaurant. sweet. apparently he closes the restaurant when abilene high plays. wow.

so when we returned, the guys went to the park and had a nice game of football (wow, i've missed that. you new yorkers need to clue in!!) and my college friend laura gore (LG) came and it was great to see her. when we got back to the apt my friend debbie was there and i just walked in and she screamed, followed by 3 repititions of "i hate you." i had spoke to her the day before.

so there we were, we ordered some pizza, watched the seinfeld pilot off the dvd's, i broke the news of how they had been lied to for 7 months, and i told them my plans with southwest airlines. and that i'd be there for a month, instead of the week i'd told them all day. :) we started watching ELF, my Heather Wright drove over from Fort Worth (under the impression that i had very limited time here..hahhaa)

So here we sit, watching TV and catching up. I even got a backrub from heather, and I've missed those too. I'm excited to be here to see my friends, but I'm still kinda missin' NYC, especially the Christmas Scene (oh, not to mention the snow) But i'll be able to visit soon enough.

I'll be training until december 22, so i'm not real sure how often i'll be able to update. But i'll try.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

After 5 life is finally complete

I know I know, you thought i had it all, right? Good looks, money, great voice. haha. ok well i don't have really any of those, but what I do have is the Seinfeld DVD.

Yesterday I stopped by circuit city and picked up the most anticipated dvd in history, and surprisingly i didn't even have to preorder it. (well, i did have to return it after finding it $10 cheaper elsewhere) So last night I sat on my computer and watched episodes 1-5, including the original pilot that they sent nbc execs. NICE. the music was horrible though. hahaha. surprised it even got picked up. Theres also bloopers, deleted scenes, commentary, and..well..just more extras than you could ever imagine. They better after it took them 5 years!!!!

After i got it, i called my mom and told her, and she was...get this..ANGRY with me. I was baffled. I didn't understand. WHY??? i asked her. "Jeremy, you just need to learn to put some of these things on your christmas list, instead of just buying whatever you want." oh, apparently i'm difficult to buy for. oh well.

Theres always the 3rd Season.

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Fall-acy of the Arch

Ever had a perception of something that turned out to be completely false, and the reality is just flat out dissapointing???? I had one of those the other day...

APPARENTLY the arch in st louis DOESN'T go over the river!!! WHO KNEW? I'm sure everyone right now reading this is like "umm..Jeremy..we all knew, you're an idiot." Umm..well...NO ONE TOLD ME!!! I had the idea that the arch spanned the width of the Mississippi. And just recently I was thinking about why its not called the "gateway to the south" because, after all, the river does run south. but while i was talking to a CERTAIN SOMEONE, i was informed that not only is it the "gateway to the west," it doesn't actually go over the river. WELL, obviously I was quite dissapointed. Now i just see it as some stupid THING thats in the middle of the city and can HARDLY be called art. WELL, i'm also disgusted that its symbolizes our westward expansion. It just joins the ranks of mount rushmore as a big structure that reminds everyone (ok, not everyone...) of the destruction of the poor, poor, native americans. (recently i've been realizing these things that they never really tell us in school, or just choose to touch very lightly on. its a conspiricy!)

So anyways, i just wanted to voice my DISGUST at was has finally come to least to me. I mean cmon, with the money they spent on that thing they coulda built the cardinals a brand new stadium!!!! or at least sign albert pujols to a new contract.


Saturday, November 20, 2004


alright alright alright. i usually like to be original in these things, but at the request of YOU, THE READER, i'll do as you ask.

Disclaimer: Before i start this blog, i just want to say that in no way am i defending either the players on the fan in this debacle. both acted inappropriately.

I'm sure most of you know, but last night a fight between the pacers and the pistons broke out, which ended up with ron artest, jermaine oneil, and some others starting a melee with the fans in detroit. I hate to say it, but i kind of put most of (i'm talkin 53%) of the blame on the fan. Whenever these things break out i cringe when i hear players being referred to as "overpaid thugs."

lets go ahead and throw money out of the issue. just because the guy gets paid 500 billion dollars doesn't mean he's held to a higher standard of conduct than everyone else. the guy in the stands who gets paid $5 / hr should be held to the same standard as everyone else. if you don't think so..then GET REAL. that means that if players got paid $5/hr and the fans were makin 400 billion, you're tellin me you'd excuse artest for fighting because of what he made??? gimme a break.

It started off with artest giving a hard foul to wallace. wallace pushed back, theres some pushing with other players, artest somehow stays out of it and lays on the scorers table. things seem to be calming down a bit. things like this have happened a million times. then some fan, an idiotic FAN, throws a beer on artest AS HE CALMLY STAYED OUT OF THE FIGHT. this causes artest to charge into the stands, and the rest is history.

if fans would just stop throwing things and harassing players, we wouldn't be in this position. we woulda had some stupid shoving and pushing (lets be honest, it happens) and the game would have went on. but we've got these drunk idiots out of there, who think it would be cool to be the guy throwing the beer on sportscenter...or challenging the......excuse me??....challenging the 6'7" 300lb GIANT on the court to a fistfight???? gimme a break.

I don't excuse the players. There is NEVER EVER EVER EVER any reason a player should ever enter the stands or to even shove each other on the court. But fans just aren't held to the same standards. you throw something on the field, you should be not only arrested, but banned from the stadium if not multiple stadiums. theres no room for it. we've got to start holding fans accountable no matter how much they make. Whether its throwing stuff or even SAYING stuff. its called verbal assault and theres no reason why a person should be subjected to that, no matter how much you get paid.

As for reprocusions, the players should be fined RIDICULOUS amounts of money, and suspended for the season. you've got to set standards. the fans should be arrested and banned from the stadium. again, we've got to set standards.

Ughhh...theres probably a lot more to be said, and going to bed tonight i'll probably think of more to say, but i'll stop here. if i think of something else i'll edited this and add it to the bottom. and like always, please let me know what you think and drop a comment. It was a sad sad day in the NBA yesterday, and i just hope we can learn from our mistakes and fix whats broken.


Thursday, November 18, 2004


First off, i would like to apologize to my parents who might be reading this, for the use of the word sucks. but it just seemed appropriate for the situation. Now on with the blog:

Normal : according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle b : conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern

my parents came to visit the great city of NY not too long ago. We had been all over, to museums, to the park, to the statue of liberty, and on this evening we were strolling along the brooklyn promenade. My mom says "well, seems people around here are a bit more ..normal." Living in new york has made me realize that everyone is different, and its just a fact of life. so i say to her, "mom, maybe you're not normal." right before she slapped me, she said that maybe i was right, and that i had a point. (she really didn't slap me. but if i were her...i'd consider it) It seems that being normal is only a good thing when it comes to who you are. Especially in high school, everyone wants to fit in, everyone wants to be part of the cool crowd, to be normal. Since when is this a good thing? what if we all just fell in line and became a part of a crowd, just a number in the U.S. census??

We should all strive to be different. Difference is the tabasco sauce of life. its spices it up a little. What if our forefathers never wanted to be different, thus never experienced with different foods, we'd be stuck with bland meat, bread, and water. thats it. no gumbo, no crawfish, no BURRRITOS!!! A lot of people cover up they're differences just to be normal, and this is a disgrace to the human race. God made us all unique, non of us are different, and I think we should embrace our different styles. I was thinking of getting my nose, eyebrow, and lips pierced just to add some flava when i see my relatives next. well, that and to see the shock on my their faces. hahaha. now i won't do that cuz thats not who i am, but if you want to, so be it. do it. I kinda like the girls with the eyebrow piercings. thats just me though.

I don't know about you, but i don't want to be subject to stupid stereotypes. yet we all do it. about a year ago, i went to arizona and had dinner with friends of the people i was staying with. a girl there was dressed completely goth, and to be honest i was a little freaked out. but once i talked to her, i realized that i had unfairly labeled her and she was real nice. I think thats kind of what we do when we criticize people for being wierd. not normal. we're stereotyping them.

I just think we should all let loose (the juice is loose!) on who we are and add a little flava to this world. It's a good thing. Oh, and stop criticizing others for being different. :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ABC'S Porno

If you're not aware, I listen to ESPN Radio a lot. No seriously, a WHOLE LOT. All day even. I take bathroom breaks during commercial breaks. And I especially try not to miss the Dan Patrick Show.

Yesterday they spoke of the introduction to monday night football. I didn't see it, but they played the audio of it and they talked about it, so i got the jist of it. It was set in the eagles locker room 10 mins before the game, and one of the actresses from the "tasteful" show "desperate housewives" (FYI i've never seen it) walks into the locker room and starts coming on to Terrell Owens. Now it caused a bit of controversy and this was the main discussion on the Dan Patrick Show.

The hosts of the show were defending it as callers called in to either complain or support them. As for me, I have a problem with this. First of all, A LOT of fathers let they're kids stay up a little later in the evening to catch a quarter or two of the game, expecting family oriented programming. and then all of a sudden theres an intro to a porno. (STRIKE ONE!) my second problem comes with the way the hosts of the show were defending it, saying "oh, well kids learn a lot more about sex from they're friends" and "have you seen whats on television lately?" or "this wasn't nearly as bad as the janet jackson wardrobe malfunction." Ok, so all of those may be true, but you can't base your decision making on saying that at least its not as bad as (insert any historical controversy.) It's like saying lets napalm the middle east, at least we're not nuking them. it just doesn't work. either way all the people will die. If you do this, the world continues on a downward spiral. (STRIKE TWO!) Who in they're right mind thought it was a good idea to put something like this on a family oriented programming without the OK from the commissioner??? HELLO!!! Especially after this past super bowl. You'd think that these stations would want to avoid any controversy such as janet jackson, and that they would say "hey, paul, just to make sure, is this going to be ok? are we gonna get fined over this.?" (STRIKE THREE!!!)

Most of my quallms come over how the Dan Patrick Show defended it. The intro itself really didn't seem that bad, and people were overreacting, but you can't defend it like that. It made me sick, and i sent 3 emails to them calling them out. they didn't get on the air, but they better be careful or I'll call next time. I just feel we should have a better standard than Coors Twins and Viagra Commercials.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Let me explain my usual choices of television programs. If you allowed me to watch anything I wanted for a week, then went back and took a look at what I had been watching, it would consist exclusively of Seinfeld reruns, ESPN, Football, and Family Guy. Thats all I ever watch.

However, recently I've come across a great show called Extreme Makeover, thanks to my roommates. Nononono, its not the one where they grant peoples wishes and give them bigger boobs. Its the Home Edition, where they choose families who struggle under unusual circumstances and are truly in need of a decent home. The last one i watched, this guy who had 4 kids lived in a bad L.A. neighborhood. Recently his mother, who had 5 other younger children, was killed by a stray bullet. so the guy took in his 5 brothers & sisters, giving him 9 kids to take care of, and moved them into all he could afford: a rundown beatup old house that had 1 bathroom that barely worked. oh, and for a living this guy counseled inner city youth.

So this show sent them on a vacation and tore down they're house and built them a brand new 3 floor house that was taylored to the interests of the kids and the family. and they built it in a week. it was truly amazing. I'm not a cryer by any means, but I was borderline tearing up at the end. I suggest that everyone check it out when they get the chance. It's about time they did some good with this reality show thing.

I'm thinking about throwing myself into the worst possible living situation and adopting a buncha kids so maybe they can come build a house for me. I bet my bed would be a giant football helmet. that'd be cool.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I Got Beat....BY A GIRL!

Ok so first off, just wanted to state my congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for they're victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. did anyone see Joe Horn? after he scored, he ran up to the goal post and started acting like he was tracing over the words "saints" that was there. i'm not exactly sure what is was, but i laughed. If anyone finds a pic of this, lemme know. Or even if you know exactly what he was doing.

anyways, yesterday my friend aabye-gayle (abigail) came over. now not very often do you find a girl who enjoys playing video games, but she LOVES tekken. So we've been smack talkin for a couple months, and yesterday she came over with somethin to prove. to my satisfaction, I took her players down in the first round. I started to get confident, not because i was a master at the game, but because I was a MAN playing video games. its what we do.

Needless to say, she eventually kicked my tail, winning an overall 14 fights to my 9
(i think...somethin like that) So I guess she proved my theory wrong....but then she stuck in test drive and not only did i smoke her in that, but also in pong that we playing at the loading screen. HAHAHA. but i was very impressed with her graceful skill of tekken. Only girls can give video games a sort of grace. I give props to Aabye.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Birthday, Loser!

Everyone, stop right now what your doing. Take a minute to sing happy birthday to a woman who managed to break the top 5 as the biggest sore loser in history. Tanya Harding. If you don't remember, Tanya and Jeff Gillooly hired a thug to take out her main competition Nancy Kerrigan. By the way, don't ever associate with a man with last name like gillooly. you're just askin for it. (other names to avoid: menendez, bobbit, lecter, buffalo bill, dahmer) This thug surprised kerrigan after a practice and smacked her with a pipe in the knee. Hmm...and why did you think this was a good idea??? "hey i have a great idea, since i can't beat her...why not..beat her? no one will EVER FIND OUT!" Its the freakin' olympics!!!! Kerrigan went on to win silver and Tanya cried, complaing that her skates came untied.

Anyways, kerrigan ended up being a national hero, and tanya...umm..anyone heard from her lately?....actually...I have.

Not long thereafter, a "racey" video surfaced of tanya on the internet, and later on her next PR move was to become a female boxer....yyyeeeahhh..shes on her way back to respectability!!! seriously, look at the difference from this to this. Yikes. Simply stunning.

So I raise my glass to Tanya Harding, and say happy 34th, you sore, sore loser.

P.S. I didn't have much to write about today, so you get what you get. :)


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Don't look Now!!!! It has returned!!!!

ahhhh yes. let me set the scene for you. I believe it was 5th grade at Madisonville Junior High School. I usually rode the bus to school, but on this glorious day, my parents drove me. After all, this was the first day of school, and there was something different about me. I was a changed man...i mean..child. The car pulled up next to the chain linked fence that bordered the playground where my schoolmates played before the opening bell rang. My friends saw me and came running towards the fence, waving they're hands at me. I stepped out the backseat of my car, and I held my head high. I knew my friends couldn't help but notice. I mean, how could you not? I had somehow attained something that no one else at school had. I could see my friends eye's following my feet as I walked to the entrance. Thats right my friends, I was wearing Reebock's newest invention that was sure to change the way I performed on the playground....THE PUMP. The first thing i heard out of my friends mouths were "nice shoes." I kid you not. I remember this event like it was yesterday, and it has had a profound event on the course of my life. (ok thats a little embellished, but how else can you explain my recollection of this event?)

Now they're back. Reebock has introduced the pump for the second time. Question is, will it revolutionize the industry like it had so long ago? is there another 5th grader out there on whose life it will have such a profound effect? Only time will tell.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Ok so i don't have much to talk about today, but i wont' dissaopoint my loyal readers. (I know theres one or two out there....theres gotta be) so heres an interesting tidbit of information.

APPARENTLY there is a relation between Aids and the black death. There is a mutant that some of us carry that can be traced back 700 years to the time of the black death, and was carried by those who had the black death. So if you are a descendent of someone who had the black death and SURVIVED it, you could be carrying this mutant, which could render you immune to aids. You read that correctly, kids...immune to aids. iF Your wondering where i got this information, you should pick up a copy of "in the wake of the plague" by norman f. cantor. and i know your wondering why the heck i'm reading such books...thats a different blog for a different day.

aaaand on another note if you check out the full page lead-in picture to "this week in sports" in sports illustrated, you'll see the NYC marathoners running down 4th avenue. the shot was taken 10 blocks from where i live in brooklyn! i just ask that you pretend to care.


"It's like running from the cops"

Ok so yesterday after work i had dinner and a movie with a friend of mine who i havn't seen in a while. the movie finished around 10:15, and i arrived back in brooklyn around 11:15, knowing full well that I HAD to do my running for the day. There should be no excuses. Now i've been staying in brooklyn, and if you know nothing about brooklyn, it can be a bit shady at times. Where we live isn't necessarily bad, but none the less not such a good idea to be out jogging at 11:30. But i have training to do.

So I went anyways. My roommate told me it wasn't such a good idea, and that if i'm not back in an hour, they weren't coming to find me, since i had been warned.

But I went anyways. (Being stubborn is the story of my life)

Now let me tell you, its an experience to be running down a now nearly deserted street in brooklyn (normally quite busy) with almost no sounds anywhere except for the pitter patter of my feet, distant sirens, and tiny squeaks of rats scurrying out of my way. Oh, and I almost forgot the arrest that I ran right by. It's something we all should do. (not the arrest) Needless to say I ran a bit faster than usual, and a tad bit shorter distance. At one point i coulda sworn i saw a guy lying on the taxi cab i ran by who was staring at me. I was just hillucinating.

Needless to say it is wednesday morning and I am alive. And maybe tonight we'll do it again. Hopefully my mother is not reading this. :)

P.S. If you didn't understand the title of this blog, check this out.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I think I'm starting to feel a bit nauseous

First of all, I have no idea if I spelled "nauseous" right. Anyways, every tuesday puts out an NFL power rankings, and being a saints fan, I wasn't expecting a whole lot this week, especially since the chargers drummed us in san diego. But what I got was something which spoke to me and made me question what it is i am doing with my life. Here it is.

"We're really not sure how people root for this team. It must just make you sick to your stomach."

My sentiments exactly


Monday, November 08, 2004

The welcome..ahem...unwelcome visit

Ok well today was pretty much uneventful, as so many workdays are, however i did start the big training today. Lately i've been running off and on, here and there, while i have the time. However this time i was out with more purpose and drive than before. and i know you think that theres no way i can keep it up, and i realy hope you do think that and maybe you'll even tell me, because its you people to motivate me.

aaaanyways, I would like to bring up a topic thats plagued me and many others in this city...the person who takes the trip across the country to visit the great city of new york...and fails to pay they're friends a visit....or even a phone call. Personally its happened to me twice..and its unacceptable. I've had 2 friends, whom i consider very good friends(and you know who you are) who came to the city knowing full and well that I was here, and yet failed to either give me a call or take 2 minutes out of they're busy "broadway" schedule to visit. Its dispicable. and even if you think its just me, well i'll have you know that this blog was my roommates idea, because it just happened to her this past weekend. (it happened to her twice, and our friend derrick twice. its an epidemic!!!) I think friends are a little more important than broadway shows, rather large buildings, and even green statues. heck, we'll even go see these things with you if you want!!!! But thats just me.

Thankfully the man himself, kent brantly, decided to be a decent human being and when he found out he had an interview with columbia, he gave me a call. Is that so hard? (thanks kent) and for his troubles i set him up with a free place to stay on central park west. Anyways, I'll end it here. and if you'd like to apologize the comment board is always open.:)

(btw, if you aren't registered with blogspot, you can still post anonymously and sign your name at the end)

Sunday, November 07, 2004


After church today me and j-mass went to watch the "elite" runners of the new york marathon breeze through the 24th mile. I say breeze because they made it look effortless. The first 5 or 6 runners of the mens group were kenyans, and they seemed not to be struggling at all, all while they keep running on their toes, which usually signifies the fact that they're practically sprinting. oh yeah, and they were going UPHILL!!!

Before them the handicapped people on the 3 wheeled bikes were also amazing. i can't imaging pedaling (sp?) a bike that hard for 24 miles with my arms. actually im not sure i could turn my arms in that motion for that long, without turning pedals. these girls who did it could have destroyed me with one arm.

Needless to say, i'm inspired and i've decided to register to run next year. they take only so many from each state, so i have a better chance to register from louisiana, which i may do. i've never run more than 3 miles in my life, but i think i have the ability to jog a decent pace for 24 miles if i'm really in shape. so if i make it, i'd expect people to come watch me sweat, pant, and possibly crawl my way to the finish line.

we also saw some stragglers at the end, and i'm not sure if this is a jerkish thing to say, but i felt a lot of those guys were a disgrace. there was a guy, pretty athletic, running pretty slow, and in the same little group with him was a guy on crutches. I MEAN CMON!!! (no they weren't together) i feel that the people who enter and walk SLLLOOOWWWLLLYY are just ridiculous. you RUN a marathon, not walk it. i can understand if you're power walking or something, but otherwise i'd rather you just not enter. it just takes away from those who went out andbusted they're butts the whole race. and both can say they finished the marathon, but only one of them actually put out the effort. It's my opinion, if you disagree or if i have offended you in any way, i don't apologize but you're more than welcome to post a comment and give me your beef.

lets just hope i don't eat those words next year.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The changes that Fall Brings

Fall is on my mind
Today me, caleb, and j-mass went to fort tryon part on the northern part of manhattan to take some pics of the changing leaves. I was pondering what the meaning of fall was. Its the opposite season to spring, and spring is the season of renewal and birth...soo..does that mean that fall is the season of death and decay? and if so, it makes sense that halloween happens to "fall" in the fall months. In spring i feel rejuvinated, but in the fall i don't necessarily feel decayed. Anyone feel this way? i'd love to hear from you. (right now i feel like a radio show host). I pondered these questions on the long train ride home. When i got home i sat on the couch and watched the remaining college football games, like i do on a normal fall saturday. Maybe fall is actually the "fall" of pretender football teams, who may have done well during the late summer months. Anyway, enough rambling. I just find it amusing that we attribute the "spring" of the flowers to our own lives (spring cleaning), yet ignore attributing fall to our daily lives. of course we do pull out all the winter coats and clutter everything up. we should have a fall "messying". i'm all for it. In the mean-time i'll just think of fall as the season where the fires get goin, postseason baseball is wrapin' up (or the offseason is heating up), and football teams are seperating themselves from the pretenders. oh, and lets all just thank God that we don't have to put up with hockey this time around. CYA!

Friday, November 05, 2004

T.O. has B.O.

T.O. has been on my mind. I've had trouble trying to figure out whether or not the guy should be respected for doing his job, which is entertaining the crowd (after all, football is an entertainment product. Thats why it exists, to entertain the crowd.) or if he should be reprimanded for making a mockery of the game itself. In other words, its a fight between modernism and post-modernism.

I've come to the conclusion that he should be allowed to entertain. Put the sharpie in the sock, take the pom-poms and dance around like a girl. thats fine, its entertaining, I laugh, the other team laughs, its all in good fun. Joe Horn, take out the cell phone and call your buds because you earned it. We shouldn't take the fun out of sports. HOWEVER....this is where all of you who are ready to reach through the screen and strangle me to death...can take a deep breath and hold on a sec...HOWEVER..when it comes at the expense of others, its wrong. Don't tear down the opposing fans' sign. I'd be livid if I were those fans and this punk ran over and tore down this sign that cost me $100. Don't use your celebrations to taunt people. Don't run to the middle of the star and spike the ball to taunt a stadium filled with 70,000 screaming fans. Oh, and now your gonna complain that "I'm the bad guy?" Yeah, you are T.O., and its you're own fault. So go ahead and celebrate when you reach the endzone, but make sure you don't offend anyone in the process. AND FOR PETE'S SAKE DON'T HEADBUTT THE WALL!!!! (Where have you gone Gus Frerrote?)

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Give me a minute