Wednesday, November 24, 2004

After 5 life is finally complete

I know I know, you thought i had it all, right? Good looks, money, great voice. haha. ok well i don't have really any of those, but what I do have is the Seinfeld DVD.

Yesterday I stopped by circuit city and picked up the most anticipated dvd in history, and surprisingly i didn't even have to preorder it. (well, i did have to return it after finding it $10 cheaper elsewhere) So last night I sat on my computer and watched episodes 1-5, including the original pilot that they sent nbc execs. NICE. the music was horrible though. hahaha. surprised it even got picked up. Theres also bloopers, deleted scenes, commentary, and..well..just more extras than you could ever imagine. They better after it took them 5 years!!!!

After i got it, i called my mom and told her, and she was...get this..ANGRY with me. I was baffled. I didn't understand. WHY??? i asked her. "Jeremy, you just need to learn to put some of these things on your christmas list, instead of just buying whatever you want." oh, apparently i'm difficult to buy for. oh well.

Theres always the 3rd Season.


Brown Sugar said...

sounds like she already got you that for Christmas...or she was going to.....way to go dude...ruin the season for her why don't ya. you should bye me a plasma tv to make up for it.....sounds logical to me.

Anonymous said...

hey if you gotta have it you gotta have it just like I did with the Smallville Season 3 DVD (went to two Best Buys to get it since one didn't have it with the free poster)...

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

J-Wild said...

"The most anticipated DVD in history?"

I don't think so. Don't get me wrong, Seinfeld is and was great. My wife and I watched the special on NBC and we both agreed that we had to get it, but the most anticipated DVD in history is a stretch.

Truth be told the most anticipated DVD's are probably Disney movies! Seriously I will bet that "Finding Nemo" out sold Seinfel by a margin of two to one.

So what in my opinion is the most anticipated DVD in history? Good question!