Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Ok so i don't have much to talk about today, but i wont' dissaopoint my loyal readers. (I know theres one or two out there....theres gotta be) so heres an interesting tidbit of information.

APPARENTLY there is a relation between Aids and the black death. There is a mutant that some of us carry that can be traced back 700 years to the time of the black death, and was carried by those who had the black death. So if you are a descendent of someone who had the black death and SURVIVED it, you could be carrying this mutant, which could render you immune to aids. You read that correctly, kids...immune to aids. iF Your wondering where i got this information, you should pick up a copy of "in the wake of the plague" by norman f. cantor. and i know your wondering why the heck i'm reading such books...thats a different blog for a different day.

aaaand on another note if you check out the full page lead-in picture to "this week in sports" in sports illustrated, you'll see the NYC marathoners running down 4th avenue. the shot was taken 10 blocks from where i live in brooklyn! i just ask that you pretend to care.


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The Future said...

I pretend to care... no, I really do!!

I don't want to test whether my ancestors got the black death to see if I am immune to AIDS. That would seem weird, and couterproductive if it actually gave me AIDS. Because then I would actually have AIDS, unlike Magic Johnson, who faked the whole HIV thing to raise awareness of the illness. I mean no harm- but shouldn't he have been dead by now? And now they say he has no traces of AIDS or even HIV. Isn't that strange to anyone? I know they can make you live over a decade, but really?