Thursday, November 11, 2004

Don't look Now!!!! It has returned!!!!

ahhhh yes. let me set the scene for you. I believe it was 5th grade at Madisonville Junior High School. I usually rode the bus to school, but on this glorious day, my parents drove me. After all, this was the first day of school, and there was something different about me. I was a changed man...i mean..child. The car pulled up next to the chain linked fence that bordered the playground where my schoolmates played before the opening bell rang. My friends saw me and came running towards the fence, waving they're hands at me. I stepped out the backseat of my car, and I held my head high. I knew my friends couldn't help but notice. I mean, how could you not? I had somehow attained something that no one else at school had. I could see my friends eye's following my feet as I walked to the entrance. Thats right my friends, I was wearing Reebock's newest invention that was sure to change the way I performed on the playground....THE PUMP. The first thing i heard out of my friends mouths were "nice shoes." I kid you not. I remember this event like it was yesterday, and it has had a profound event on the course of my life. (ok thats a little embellished, but how else can you explain my recollection of this event?)

Now they're back. Reebock has introduced the pump for the second time. Question is, will it revolutionize the industry like it had so long ago? is there another 5th grader out there on whose life it will have such a profound effect? Only time will tell.



The Future said...


I too had some, but I think it was early elementary. I had some Shaqs. They were cool, but clunky like CRAZY!! Like wearing a huge boat around.

Have you seen these new TMacs from Adidas? They have no strings, but suction onto your foot. I have the last revision of the TMac, and let me tell you- its the best shoe EVER!! My basketball skillz have never been seen like this before. Unbelievable. They also suction onto the foot, but they still require shoestrings- until now. That's "The Future" of shoes my friend- the pump is in the past.

The Juice said...

your right about wearing boats. very clunky. i wasn't sure if it was 5th grade or what, i just took a guess.

I can't see them catching on this time around, just like they never really caught on back in the day. but for that one moment, i was the coolest person ever!!!!

The Future said...

I wanted to comment on how cool the mandeville school must be as their motto is "Looking to the Future". That's me!! Maybe I should go there and give an inspirational talk. I can talk about my 8 TDs.