Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Birthday, Loser!

Everyone, stop right now what your doing. Take a minute to sing happy birthday to a woman who managed to break the top 5 as the biggest sore loser in history. Tanya Harding. If you don't remember, Tanya and Jeff Gillooly hired a thug to take out her main competition Nancy Kerrigan. By the way, don't ever associate with a man with last name like gillooly. you're just askin for it. (other names to avoid: menendez, bobbit, lecter, buffalo bill, dahmer) This thug surprised kerrigan after a practice and smacked her with a pipe in the knee. Hmm...and why did you think this was a good idea??? "hey i have a great idea, since i can't beat her...why not..beat her? no one will EVER FIND OUT!" Its the freakin' olympics!!!! Kerrigan went on to win silver and Tanya cried, complaing that her skates came untied.

Anyways, kerrigan ended up being a national hero, and tanya...umm..anyone heard from her lately?....actually...I have.

Not long thereafter, a "racey" video surfaced of tanya on the internet, and later on her next PR move was to become a female boxer....yyyeeeahhh..shes on her way back to respectability!!! seriously, look at the difference from this to this. Yikes. Simply stunning.

So I raise my glass to Tanya Harding, and say happy 34th, you sore, sore loser.

P.S. I didn't have much to write about today, so you get what you get. :)



Anonymous said...

Didnt Tonya and Jeff hire someone to do the whacking??/?

-Lauren from work

Anonymous said...

woopsie I made a booboo since you mentioned they hired a thug...