Monday, November 15, 2004

I Got Beat....BY A GIRL!

Ok so first off, just wanted to state my congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for they're victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. did anyone see Joe Horn? after he scored, he ran up to the goal post and started acting like he was tracing over the words "saints" that was there. i'm not exactly sure what is was, but i laughed. If anyone finds a pic of this, lemme know. Or even if you know exactly what he was doing.

anyways, yesterday my friend aabye-gayle (abigail) came over. now not very often do you find a girl who enjoys playing video games, but she LOVES tekken. So we've been smack talkin for a couple months, and yesterday she came over with somethin to prove. to my satisfaction, I took her players down in the first round. I started to get confident, not because i was a master at the game, but because I was a MAN playing video games. its what we do.

Needless to say, she eventually kicked my tail, winning an overall 14 fights to my 9
(i think...somethin like that) So I guess she proved my theory wrong....but then she stuck in test drive and not only did i smoke her in that, but also in pong that we playing at the loading screen. HAHAHA. but i was very impressed with her graceful skill of tekken. Only girls can give video games a sort of grace. I give props to Aabye.


The Future said...

You sure you didn't throw the games? Is she hot? Do you have a chance with her? Questions to ponder as to why you lost.

Nice try, Jackson. Just like you getting beat at the NYC Marathon by a bunch of girls. If you don't train for the marathon of course they'll beat you! She has trained for years and years at Tekken. You think you can beat her because you are a guy and "good" at fighting games. WRONG! She looks graceful, not because she is a woman, but because she is actually GOOD, which you apparently are not. If you would get out there and practice, practice, practice you could beat her handily. Try it again in 2 months, once you have mastered the art of Tekken. Just as you will win the marathon once you have mastered 26.2 miles a day, you will destroy all in Tekken, although Soul Calibur is much better, we won't go there.

Anonymous said...

I'll own Jackson's ass in Soul Calibur! Well maybe...but then again have beaten my brother and others..but they were like one match or so..

Lauren from work

Brown Sugar said...
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Brown Sugar said...

you are in a tricky situation jeremy. do you risk your manhood to let an obviously good looking lady win in a fighting game, or do you upset the fair maiden by pounding her character of choice to a pile of dung. I applaud the braveness of letting the event happen at all. Please let us know the long term effect of this. But for kissable fresh breath dont' trust that crazy listerine unless your manly enough to handle the power.

The Future said...

Hey Lauren- I'll take you on in Soul Calibur. I dominate all!! :)