Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Let me explain my usual choices of television programs. If you allowed me to watch anything I wanted for a week, then went back and took a look at what I had been watching, it would consist exclusively of Seinfeld reruns, ESPN, Football, and Family Guy. Thats all I ever watch.

However, recently I've come across a great show called Extreme Makeover, thanks to my roommates. Nononono, its not the one where they grant peoples wishes and give them bigger boobs. Its the Home Edition, where they choose families who struggle under unusual circumstances and are truly in need of a decent home. The last one i watched, this guy who had 4 kids lived in a bad L.A. neighborhood. Recently his mother, who had 5 other younger children, was killed by a stray bullet. so the guy took in his 5 brothers & sisters, giving him 9 kids to take care of, and moved them into all he could afford: a rundown beatup old house that had 1 bathroom that barely worked. oh, and for a living this guy counseled inner city youth.

So this show sent them on a vacation and tore down they're house and built them a brand new 3 floor house that was taylored to the interests of the kids and the family. and they built it in a week. it was truly amazing. I'm not a cryer by any means, but I was borderline tearing up at the end. I suggest that everyone check it out when they get the chance. It's about time they did some good with this reality show thing.

I'm thinking about throwing myself into the worst possible living situation and adopting a buncha kids so maybe they can come build a house for me. I bet my bed would be a giant football helmet. that'd be cool.


Anonymous said...

your ESPN link isn't working...think you accidentally put the ESPN link and you blog link together

Lauren aka riotgirl77

The Future said...

Melissa would be so proud. She watches all of those kind of shows on HGTV, TLC, etc. So yes, I have watched my fair share as well.

That one in LA sounded really cool. It has 3 floors. Maybe you can move in!

We helped with Habitat this last week. That stuff is harder than it looks.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy! I'm so proud. Though I know that I will continue to be mocked for my weekly Extreme Makeover induced tears, it's good to know that someone else almost cried with me. I often go on tirades about how much I hate reality television (ie. My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, Scare Tactics, etc.), but have been sucked into many by the viewing habits of my roommates (ie. The Apprentice I, America's Next Top Model II, Joe Millionaire, etc.). This is the one I never deny watching because it might be the only thing on TV that is purely built on compassion and altruistic intentions. Yea Ty Pennington!

--Kc, your roommate.

Anonymous said...

Dude, obviously you have yet to watch LOST, otherwise you would be HOOKED! Also, if you love Seinfeild, check out Arrested Development, which won this year's Grammy for Best Comedy... Lates, Tim

Anonymous said...

Lost is pretty good....although I hope they veer a tiny bit away from the backstories of the survivors and into stories of surviving the island, the French woman's distress call and the beast...

Lauren aka The Riot Girl