Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I think I'm starting to feel a bit nauseous

First of all, I have no idea if I spelled "nauseous" right. Anyways, every tuesday espn.com puts out an NFL power rankings, and being a saints fan, I wasn't expecting a whole lot this week, especially since the chargers drummed us in san diego. But what I got was something which spoke to me and made me question what it is i am doing with my life. Here it is.

"We're really not sure how people root for this team. It must just make you sick to your stomach."

My sentiments exactly



Anonymous said...

It could be worse dude, you could be like me and support the Buffalo Bills. Although we have won 3 of last 4.

Jump on my bandwagon: Sooners still in the hunt, Jazz are 4-0 since they started cutting my paychecks, and the Yankees are in a spot where they HAVE to do something that makes sense. Life is good.

They'll be better when/if Duce comes back around.


Anonymous said...

Yo Jeremiah,

Hi from West Virginia.

How's New York treating you these days? You need to come down to good old Mandeville this Christmas. (I think the Saints are playing the Falcons.)

The Saints play well enough to keep your hopes up and then your hopes are inevitably dased at the end of every season leaving you with countless unproductive hours that were spent watching them play.

Catch you later,