Sunday, November 07, 2004


After church today me and j-mass went to watch the "elite" runners of the new york marathon breeze through the 24th mile. I say breeze because they made it look effortless. The first 5 or 6 runners of the mens group were kenyans, and they seemed not to be struggling at all, all while they keep running on their toes, which usually signifies the fact that they're practically sprinting. oh yeah, and they were going UPHILL!!!

Before them the handicapped people on the 3 wheeled bikes were also amazing. i can't imaging pedaling (sp?) a bike that hard for 24 miles with my arms. actually im not sure i could turn my arms in that motion for that long, without turning pedals. these girls who did it could have destroyed me with one arm.

Needless to say, i'm inspired and i've decided to register to run next year. they take only so many from each state, so i have a better chance to register from louisiana, which i may do. i've never run more than 3 miles in my life, but i think i have the ability to jog a decent pace for 24 miles if i'm really in shape. so if i make it, i'd expect people to come watch me sweat, pant, and possibly crawl my way to the finish line.

we also saw some stragglers at the end, and i'm not sure if this is a jerkish thing to say, but i felt a lot of those guys were a disgrace. there was a guy, pretty athletic, running pretty slow, and in the same little group with him was a guy on crutches. I MEAN CMON!!! (no they weren't together) i feel that the people who enter and walk SLLLOOOWWWLLLYY are just ridiculous. you RUN a marathon, not walk it. i can understand if you're power walking or something, but otherwise i'd rather you just not enter. it just takes away from those who went out andbusted they're butts the whole race. and both can say they finished the marathon, but only one of them actually put out the effort. It's my opinion, if you disagree or if i have offended you in any way, i don't apologize but you're more than welcome to post a comment and give me your beef.

lets just hope i don't eat those words next year.


The Future said...

You're gonna get beat by the guy on crutches next year! How dare you think you can possibly beat him. I beat he was trying really, really hard.

Maybe they were just resting for half a mile until the final stretch.

I hope you make it next year. That would be inspiring in itself. I might try out for the Dallas Mavericks if you make it. If you can run a marathon, anything is possible!!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I love you so much that if you make it...I promise I will come watch you run in the Marathon. I is a great excuse to come to New York City. I love you, I hate you...I am awesome.