Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"It's like running from the cops"

Ok so yesterday after work i had dinner and a movie with a friend of mine who i havn't seen in a while. the movie finished around 10:15, and i arrived back in brooklyn around 11:15, knowing full well that I HAD to do my running for the day. There should be no excuses. Now i've been staying in brooklyn, and if you know nothing about brooklyn, it can be a bit shady at times. Where we live isn't necessarily bad, but none the less not such a good idea to be out jogging at 11:30. But i have training to do.

So I went anyways. My roommate told me it wasn't such a good idea, and that if i'm not back in an hour, they weren't coming to find me, since i had been warned.

But I went anyways. (Being stubborn is the story of my life)

Now let me tell you, its an experience to be running down a now nearly deserted street in brooklyn (normally quite busy) with almost no sounds anywhere except for the pitter patter of my feet, distant sirens, and tiny squeaks of rats scurrying out of my way. Oh, and I almost forgot the arrest that I ran right by. It's something we all should do. (not the arrest) Needless to say I ran a bit faster than usual, and a tad bit shorter distance. At one point i coulda sworn i saw a guy lying on the taxi cab i ran by who was staring at me. I was just hillucinating.

Needless to say it is wednesday morning and I am alive. And maybe tonight we'll do it again. Hopefully my mother is not reading this. :)

P.S. If you didn't understand the title of this blog, check this out.



Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not reading this, either!

- Your mom

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not really your mom. More like a mother figure.

Anonymous said...

eww you were running with rats??!?

Lauren from work

Brown Sugar said...

dude that's crazy.......i would run with you....i need protection.

teddo said...

I hope I'm not reading this. Didn't I teach you better than this?