Thursday, November 18, 2004


First off, i would like to apologize to my parents who might be reading this, for the use of the word sucks. but it just seemed appropriate for the situation. Now on with the blog:

Normal : according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle b : conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern

my parents came to visit the great city of NY not too long ago. We had been all over, to museums, to the park, to the statue of liberty, and on this evening we were strolling along the brooklyn promenade. My mom says "well, seems people around here are a bit more ..normal." Living in new york has made me realize that everyone is different, and its just a fact of life. so i say to her, "mom, maybe you're not normal." right before she slapped me, she said that maybe i was right, and that i had a point. (she really didn't slap me. but if i were her...i'd consider it) It seems that being normal is only a good thing when it comes to who you are. Especially in high school, everyone wants to fit in, everyone wants to be part of the cool crowd, to be normal. Since when is this a good thing? what if we all just fell in line and became a part of a crowd, just a number in the U.S. census??

We should all strive to be different. Difference is the tabasco sauce of life. its spices it up a little. What if our forefathers never wanted to be different, thus never experienced with different foods, we'd be stuck with bland meat, bread, and water. thats it. no gumbo, no crawfish, no BURRRITOS!!! A lot of people cover up they're differences just to be normal, and this is a disgrace to the human race. God made us all unique, non of us are different, and I think we should embrace our different styles. I was thinking of getting my nose, eyebrow, and lips pierced just to add some flava when i see my relatives next. well, that and to see the shock on my their faces. hahaha. now i won't do that cuz thats not who i am, but if you want to, so be it. do it. I kinda like the girls with the eyebrow piercings. thats just me though.

I don't know about you, but i don't want to be subject to stupid stereotypes. yet we all do it. about a year ago, i went to arizona and had dinner with friends of the people i was staying with. a girl there was dressed completely goth, and to be honest i was a little freaked out. but once i talked to her, i realized that i had unfairly labeled her and she was real nice. I think thats kind of what we do when we criticize people for being wierd. not normal. we're stereotyping them.

I just think we should all let loose (the juice is loose!) on who we are and add a little flava to this world. It's a good thing. Oh, and stop criticizing others for being different. :)



Anonymous said...

LOL...Goth Barbie....want to see if there is one at Toys R Us at Times Square....tooooo hilarious!

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

Adrian said...

I agree that it is good to be different, but when different makes you stupid (such a certain co-worker of ours) then we have the right to laugh at you. Come on now...NM does not stand for North Mexico

Anonymous said...

umm.. yeah..i never said that different=ignorant. thats a WHOOOLE different blog.

Brown Sugar said...

jeremy, i totally agree with you. I try not to judge peoples character by how normal or abnormal they are. Some of the coolest people i know are not normal. some are goth, some are thrifty, some are sporty, some are jeans and tshirt, some are mexican too (Josue, Guillermo)..........I have to admit I try too often to be normal, to fit in with the crowd, but I fail at that often enough to be not too normal. that's probably a good thing.

kentbrantly said...

hey jeremy - you think artest will have that time off now to promote his album?