Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Secret is OUT!!!

Ok so yesterday i drove to dallas, stayed with a friend of mine (Apes!) and this morning got up and went to meet my friend timmy. We had been planning for over 7 months to surprise my friends as i would just show up in dallas without any warning. Well we found out that we had 1 hour to do something b/c everyone was meeting to go see a high school football game in texas stadium. (Go figure....texans)

We had many ideas, such as tim driving my friends through the parking lot and "accidentily" run me over. haha. woulda been funny, but a)i may have damaged timmy's new car and b) i may have actually been hurt. so we decided against that idea. the other idea was to climb up my friend zach's blacony and push either my face or my butt against the window. but again, we hit a snag when the balcony wasn't climbable. dang.

so tim just knocked on zachs door, went in while i waited outside. then i called zach and spoke to him, and knocked on the door and they opened it completely shocked. i did the same to adam except i tackled him while he was in his boxers. ha. funny.

then we all went to the football game where, for those of you who know them, i saw the luttrells AND harold! yes, harold from the bbq restaurant. sweet. apparently he closes the restaurant when abilene high plays. wow.

so when we returned, the guys went to the park and had a nice game of football (wow, i've missed that. you new yorkers need to clue in!!) and my college friend laura gore (LG) came and it was great to see her. when we got back to the apt my friend debbie was there and i just walked in and she screamed, followed by 3 repititions of "i hate you." i had spoke to her the day before.

so there we were, we ordered some pizza, watched the seinfeld pilot off the dvd's, i broke the news of how they had been lied to for 7 months, and i told them my plans with southwest airlines. and that i'd be there for a month, instead of the week i'd told them all day. :) we started watching ELF, my Heather Wright drove over from Fort Worth (under the impression that i had very limited time here..hahhaa)

So here we sit, watching TV and catching up. I even got a backrub from heather, and I've missed those too. I'm excited to be here to see my friends, but I'm still kinda missin' NYC, especially the Christmas Scene (oh, not to mention the snow) But i'll be able to visit soon enough.

I'll be training until december 22, so i'm not real sure how often i'll be able to update. But i'll try.



The Juice said...

I wouldnt have written all that stuff if I were you...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy you dirtbag! Was the game at Texas stadium between Abilene High and Southlake? Because I was there.

Chris Ewing said...

Hey NBA Fantasy....Who Cares?

kenny said...

You better change your location in your blogger profile now...