Friday, November 05, 2004

T.O. has B.O.

T.O. has been on my mind. I've had trouble trying to figure out whether or not the guy should be respected for doing his job, which is entertaining the crowd (after all, football is an entertainment product. Thats why it exists, to entertain the crowd.) or if he should be reprimanded for making a mockery of the game itself. In other words, its a fight between modernism and post-modernism.

I've come to the conclusion that he should be allowed to entertain. Put the sharpie in the sock, take the pom-poms and dance around like a girl. thats fine, its entertaining, I laugh, the other team laughs, its all in good fun. Joe Horn, take out the cell phone and call your buds because you earned it. We shouldn't take the fun out of sports. HOWEVER....this is where all of you who are ready to reach through the screen and strangle me to death...can take a deep breath and hold on a sec...HOWEVER..when it comes at the expense of others, its wrong. Don't tear down the opposing fans' sign. I'd be livid if I were those fans and this punk ran over and tore down this sign that cost me $100. Don't use your celebrations to taunt people. Don't run to the middle of the star and spike the ball to taunt a stadium filled with 70,000 screaming fans. Oh, and now your gonna complain that "I'm the bad guy?" Yeah, you are T.O., and its you're own fault. So go ahead and celebrate when you reach the endzone, but make sure you don't offend anyone in the process. AND FOR PETE'S SAKE DON'T HEADBUTT THE WALL!!!! (Where have you gone Gus Frerrote?)


kentbrantly said...

who is T.O.? and who is Gus Frerrote and where HAS he gone? i like the way you were able to take both sides of your argument and validate each so that all readers of your blog might feel dignified and have their point of view supported. let me summarize your blog: "people get upset when T.O. does his thing." "i think it is ok for T.O. to do his thing..." " long as he doesn't upset people." i agree... i think. i wish you much success as an up and coming blogger. keep it real, j.j. :-)

Anonymous said...

There's a line between entertaining the crowd and making a mockery of the game, its players, and its fans. Your smelly friend likes to cross that line.

Modernism...postmodernism...facts...feelings...truth...personal meaning...ahhhhhh the brain, it hurts. Please don't make parallels between literary theories and sports. The pain. Oh the pain.


And to answer your question, Frerote has gone where all free agents eventually go...far far away.