Monday, November 08, 2004

The welcome..ahem...unwelcome visit

Ok well today was pretty much uneventful, as so many workdays are, however i did start the big training today. Lately i've been running off and on, here and there, while i have the time. However this time i was out with more purpose and drive than before. and i know you think that theres no way i can keep it up, and i realy hope you do think that and maybe you'll even tell me, because its you people to motivate me.

aaaanyways, I would like to bring up a topic thats plagued me and many others in this city...the person who takes the trip across the country to visit the great city of new york...and fails to pay they're friends a visit....or even a phone call. Personally its happened to me twice..and its unacceptable. I've had 2 friends, whom i consider very good friends(and you know who you are) who came to the city knowing full and well that I was here, and yet failed to either give me a call or take 2 minutes out of they're busy "broadway" schedule to visit. Its dispicable. and even if you think its just me, well i'll have you know that this blog was my roommates idea, because it just happened to her this past weekend. (it happened to her twice, and our friend derrick twice. its an epidemic!!!) I think friends are a little more important than broadway shows, rather large buildings, and even green statues. heck, we'll even go see these things with you if you want!!!! But thats just me.

Thankfully the man himself, kent brantly, decided to be a decent human being and when he found out he had an interview with columbia, he gave me a call. Is that so hard? (thanks kent) and for his troubles i set him up with a free place to stay on central park west. Anyways, I'll end it here. and if you'd like to apologize the comment board is always open.:)

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kentbrantly said...

well jeremy,
first i'd just like to say thanks for the props. i don't know how those other people live with themselves, but personally i just couldn't pass up the chance to visit a friend when i am traveling so far and am going to be so close. and besides that, a hotel in NY City is like $200/night, so i'm very thankful for the hookup as well. and as for the marathon thing... brock cloutier and i decided to run a marathon together last year. we began our training with a 3-mile run. i think it was on that first day of training that i laid down on the ground and came to a realization: i had absolutely no desire to run 26.2 miles... at all. so, more power to you if you can really do it, but i don't think you can, chump. no way. and it's 26.2 miles. not 24. you don't have what it takes, wuss. i'll give you 3 weeks before you give up.
how's that for some motivation.

yoni cohen :: said...


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The Future said...

You'll never make it!!! 26 miles, ridiculous!! You can't even run 4. 6 year olds can out pace you!! You're too short, your feet are too small, your heart isn't big enough, your ankles will wear down too easily!! You aren't as young as you used to be!!

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have never had a friend come in town and not call me. Usually they are coming to NYC just to see me, not to see the city. So, while it may be an epidemic for some, it's not a problem for me.

KcB said...

As the roommate spoken of in the entry, I felt I must add my input on the subject at hand. I live very far away from most of my friends and when I go home I make it a point to at least see about 10 different people. So I would think that if you were coming half way across the country and knew someone in that city, you could make time for one meal, or maybe a drink, or dessert. That's all I'm asking. But you cannot come to my city, not call, and then in the next conversation we have ask me when I'm coming home again. No, no, no. I've crossed people off for lesser things.