Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Fire

OK so i finished all my courses, went home, did the christmas thing, santa was good to me (snowboard!!!) and christmas day i get a call, it says unavailable, i answer...bad move...very very bad move. its SWA scheduling. i have to pick up a mandatory trip the next day. I JUST GOT OUT OF TRAINING!! I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO START UNTIL JAN 7TH!!! but i have no choice. we rush home that night, my mom washes my uniform, i go to bed. get up at 5am, go to airport to start my 4 day trip....

so i'm on day 3 right now. things have been great. i've been having a blast. i've met the nicest people. my first overnight was in tulsa, and i was by myself (no set crew) but i met a few people on my final flight and they were all overnighting in tulsa. they showed me EVERYTHING, they fed me on the plane, showed me how to check in at the hotel, and they bought me dinner. i work with the nicest people. but since then i've had a set crew that i've been with, which has been nice. right now i'm in san antonio, and we have a long overnight, which is nice. its only 2pm, and we dont' leave till tomorrow morning. we're going to the mall here in a minute. but everyone has been feeling sad for us because we got thrown into the christmas fire. its been nuts. one of my flights today was to san antonio, and we had a flight full of oklahoma state fans, since they're playing in the alamo bowl. it was so fun. we got a guy to come sing the fight song, and everyone sang along and did the hand motions. hahaha.

anyway, my shuttle leaves the hotel here in a minute, so i'm gonna run. hopefully i'll be able to post again later, maybe about our fallen hero, Reggie White. (tear) but i have to move to chicago here in a day or 2, so its gonna be crazy. anyways have a good one. peace


Friday, December 24, 2004

I'm Withering Away...Seriously

You never thought it could happen, but it has. I got home to N.O. (after a successful OE, by the way), we had dinner, opened presents, and we're hanging around when the truth...the horrible, terrible truth, came out. I mentioned how i needed to take some nyquil to get some good rest because i havn't been able to shake the tail end of this cold. My parents....my good and loving parents...told me it was probably because i hadn't been eating well and that....they said i looked thin..didn't i always look thin?? was there a change? i went to the back and weighed myself and sure enought i'm down 5 lbs. and 5 lbs off a 125 lb frame is a whole lot. I'M DYIN HERE!!! So immediately i ran into the kitchen, heated up the rest of the steak we had for dinner, and gobbled it down, then requesting that my mother bring whatever is left in the fridge. I'm determined to put that weight back on immediately. heck, lets go for 130! My loving mother thought i should down some hot chocolate and take some benedryl and have a good breakfast in the morning. I just never had a clue that I had dropped weight. I'm seriously a little scared. Hopefully they'll be able to wake me up in the morning after the benedryl, or Santa just may pass me by afterall.


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A page is turned...

Wow, so much has happened. First i'd like to say that I passed the comprehensive today, which was my last test. i actually graduate tomorrow!! but you should have seen the spectacle. we were in the middle of a guest speaker, not long after finishing our test, the supervisor interrupted in the middle of it and began retracting the overhead..where a there was a banner that read "all ya'll passed!" hysteria began. women were crying. hugs all around. I never expected it. crazy.

but i do my OE (operational exam) on thursday, where i have to do at least 5 hours of flying. so heres my schedule, all in one day. dallas to houston to harlingen back to houston then to dallas then to san antonio then back to dallas. crazy.

but i also have my line for the entire month of january. i work every weekend, fridays saturdays and sundays, but then i get all week off....not too shabby. plus i have over-nights in spokane, WA, san diego (which is on my birthday!!) los angeles, and detroit. i go to a lot of other cities but i just stop by for like 20 mins. so i've got 18 days in january in which to go snowboarding!! :)

i'm gonna take some pics tomorrow at graduation and i'll send those out as soon as i can....promise. in the meantime, i'm goin to bed! i've been sick with a cold the last couple days and i'm left with a nagging cough. could use some rest. adios


Monday, December 20, 2004


i just want to apologize for not posting lately. I actually tried to post and after i wrote it, my hotel made me sign in again, therefore deleting everything i wrote. how frustrating. anyways, my final exam is tomorrow so i'm keepin this short. i do have some pics that i'll try to send. i'll see if i can write somethin tomorrow night. in the meantime, keep it real!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Santa's about to pass me by

As I live in the little bubble that is flight attendant training, where i study all night and sit in a windowless classroom all day, I've almost forgotten that its christmas time. The nice people at southwest were kind enough to put up a nice little christmas tree in the training center, complete with presents underneath and lights. they also play some rockin' christmas music sometimes. On the way home i get to see some christmas lights outside. But other than that, it might as well be february.

It just hasn't been the same this year. I have yet to buy a present for anyone (I may have to wait until after christmas and make up for it) Our minds are too busy concentrating on evacuation procedures to even allow Christmas a chance to enter our brain. I never watch tv nowadays (except for the 2 hours of animal planet i watched during tuesday night dinner at josue and debbie's place) , so i don't get the christmas commercials like normal. sadly enough, that just may be the biggest contributor to the issue. for those of you in NY, i'm envious, because theres nothing better than christmas in NYC.

However, i think its gonna come back to me pretty soon. My OE's (operational exams) are on the 23rd and 24th, so i'm pretty sure we'll do some christmas themes, such as wearing antlers and santa hats and the such. But for the last few weeks, its just been wierd. I'm used to having time off to really enjoy the christmas holiday, but this time around I get almost no time.

I can't think of a cool or clever way to end this blog, so here it is. END.

By the way, in january we're celebrating an anniversary or something, can't quite remember, but we theres gonna be a company-wide pajama party. so i'll be flyin across the country in my pajamas. sweet.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Called to Love

Last night as I was having a bowl of easy mac with stormy, and a friend of ours named Thom Jolly came to sit with us and chat. The conversation was very interesting and I was both intrigued and motivated by what was said. It's almost like my life has been put into perspective.

I apologize if I offend anyone, i don't mean to.

Jolly, as we call him, grew up going to church out of rebellion. yeah, his parents were not christians, but to rebel he went to church. But then something happened to him that really spoke to me. He decided that he was gay, and when he told the church, he was basically not welcome there. He said he went through a stage where he hated religion, hated christians and everything about them.

Now tell me, is this something Jesus would have done? Have we become so caught up in rules and regulations, has the church become so rigid in structure that we do something like this? Now its not just about gays. Its a host of other things too. Something as simple as an unusual body piercing can turn people off. You don't like it? ok, thats fine. no one said you had to. but can we not love these people for who they are? Correct me if i'm wrong, but Jesus hung out with the outcasts of society. Why should we treat these people any different than your best friend?

Even if these things are spelled out in the Bible to be wrong, we're still called to Love them. We all have problems, and no sin is bigger than another. I'm not even gonna make an active effort to fix these problems. I'm not capable to do these things, only God himself is, and only God himself can judge people.

My stomach churned when Jolly told me these stories. I also know of a guy here who has the same church background as me. he's gay, and hasn't told his parents. and you know what?? I feel for him, because that won't be easy. I don't approve of his choices, but i'm gonna love him the same anyhow, and I pray that his parents do the same.

I know this is kinda jumbled and all over the place, but i'm just kind of tired of the "corporitization", if thats even a word, of church. My experiences in New York and now here have taught me and prepared me for so much, and i've just boiled it down to the greatest command: Love one another. No matter how much we all screw up, and we all DO screw up, be accepting of people. Let God turn the hearts of people, let God do the healing. We're all just messengers here. and our message is Love. (wow, thats quite possibly the cheesiest line i've ever ever written)


Friday, December 10, 2004


ok so i passed my proficiecy today. close one. if i screwed up i was goin home! ok well not goin home, but packin my stuff and drivin to montana. thats my backup plan. :) i can't believe i got through class today. i had to redo my proficiency, then take a 100 question emergency equipment test, which i passed. plus last night i chose to go play some football instead of study. hahaha. i'm gonna give it up to stormy for drillin me with questions when we got back. i think she saved me. whew!! not to mention that while playing football i jumped for a ball, caught it, and the guy undercut me while i was in the air and i landed on my back. but i'm ok. could have been bad though. that'd be the end of my career. but i think he was frustrated b/c i kept burning him and i was covering him like white on rice. HE AINT GOT NUTHIN!!!

tonight some of us went out to eat to celebrate our first actual weekend since we've been here. most of you probably got a pic from this. the waiter actually gave us his number so that we can refer him to southwest. he said he'd tried before but didn't get in. makes me feel even more blessed than i am now.

anyways, thats really all thats goin on. tomorrow i get to go have lunch with my old college bud anne lincoln, and i'm real excited!!! and its almost 11 and i'm exhausted. i'll be better next time. i promise. peace.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm Hit!!!!

I know what you're thinking...i havn't written about steroids in baseball. Well let me explain something. all day all i think about is "heads down, stay down!!" and "release seatbelts!!!" and such. you know what i mean. I don't get much time to have sit and think, i barely get to pick up and check out a newspaper. but i will issue a few statements.

They're all liers. lets me honest. well, a lot of them are liers. this is they're job, they're livlihood, and if they have to take steroids to stay competitive, thats what they do. Alls i gots to say is that selig has got to man up and give them a 2 strike policy. we test you whenever we want, you get caught, thats ur first strike. do it again, and your done. no questions asked. sorry. try again.

bonds: you cheated, you know it. don't take the record from hammerin' hank. retire. we're not gonna kick you out of baseball, you've meant to much to it. but please, do us a favor.

giambi: thanks for admitting that. it takes "cajones." i give you props. even though you're too sick to ever play again.

cmon peeps, lets fix this. we all have problems, nothing is perfect. lets just fix it and move on.

aaanyways, so i took my unplanned and planned emergency landing proficiency today. yikes. in the unplanned (basically where you're landing and something happens unexpectantly) i passed it easily, and at the end they were just showing us some things in the simulated aircraft that we have. they took some students (luckily not me) and had them go through the motions of a normal landing, and without any warning, all of a sudden i see fire (fake fire) in the windows, and i hear the flight attendants screaming instructions (which we were just tested on) and i get in the brace position, then i look up and i see smoke everywhere. wow. it was intense, and i was very impressed with how the students were on they're toes. (i was just a passenger) they did very well.

then we had our planned, which is where the captain reports a hydraulic problem or something and we have to go through this huge series of events, with briefing ABA's (able bodied assistants) how to open doors, exit doors, carry my dead body off, yadda yadda yadda. well i knew how to do it, i just forgot a few steps and yes..i failed. gotta do it again friday. not like i'm the only one. :)so i was pretty mad about that tonight and i took a really long hard run. hopefully i'll get it done on friday, or i'm going home. :( its rough i tell ya. but i don't go down without a fight.

anyways, i'm gonna run. i got an off day tomorrow, praise the Lord!!!(we get off thursday, sat, and sun!!!) and tomorrow night i get to play a little flag football, of course not without a little studying. :) night.


Monday, December 06, 2004

Welcome to Funny Farm

I feel like i'm at funny camp. serious. Everyday is just a barrel of laughs. Today they were calling role, and my friend danielle answered roll with that farting sound that you make when you put the heel of your palms together around your mouth and blow. i'm serious. its like we were 4 again. hilarious. and she was rolling, one joke after another. i turned around and said "wow, you're on a roll today!" haha. i love those days. some days your wired and you can't miss. everything is funny.

like i said before, if you don't respect flight attendants, you really should. they know so much and they are prepared for so much that they never get to use. we have yet to even mention serving peanuts and drinks. we're hittin the meat of safety regulations and procedures. as i speak, theres 8 people in the cafe,(the restaurant basically reserves it for us at night to use to study) and we have chairs setup in like seats in an airplane and we're practicing giving ABA (able body assistant) instructions. its pretty intense. today we got to do the whole jump out the slide thing. its pretty fun. who ever said evacuations weren't fun?:) other than that its just been another day! oh and we have to remember where every piece of emergency equipment is on every type of plane. all we have are 737s, but there are 4 different types. 200, 300, 500, 700.

heres a funny story. we had uniform fitting the other day. the guys went in to try on all the clothes. i went in, put on the khaki pants and the white button down shirt, and came out to get the size approved and whatever. well where i was standing all the girls in my group (theres a lot) looked at me and said i looked like a little choir boy. hahaha. very funny. well we also have a SWA vest, and though i'm not a big fan of it, its required to buy.so i go in, try it on, and i come out. i think this looks ridiculous on me as i resemble a 5 yr old catholic school boy, so i walk to to show my friends how ridiculous it was, and all i get from a crowd of girls is "awwwwwwwwwwwww". i turned the other way and ran. haha. but i laughed at it. i thought it was funny. i've learned to laugh at my own misfortunes.

i forgot to spread a nice piece of information. people complain that southwest doesn't fly into JFK or laguardia, but i found out that its because of traffic. they fly out of islip, which is a MUCH smaller airport, so they are more able to have on-time flights. and we invented the 10-min turnaround, because, after all, a plane aint makin no money on the ground.

anyways, i know i havn't been updating my marathon tracker, but i've found some running accountability partners, and now that i sit in a chair all day, all i want to do when i get back is run. so yeah i've been training and actually the other day i got lost in dallas suburbia and instead of running around 2-3 miles, i ended up running around 5-6. but it felt good.

i'll try to post some pics, but i don't have photoshop on my computer at the moment, so i can't resize pictures to fit them on the website. soon enough, my friends. in the meantime, keep your chin up and enjoy what the Lord has given you! peace out


Saturday, December 04, 2004

SWA Life

Sup kids! things are really lookin up. I'm really enjoying things. theres so much to tell that i don't know where to start.

Ok well heres an interesting bit of information. today was image consultation day. they brought clinique in to "suggest" things to people regarding they're appearance. And yes, guys too. they split up the guys and girls, and sat us all at the table. there were around 10 clinique representatives, and only one talked to the guys. she made us put on all these lotions and face creams and exfoliating masks (which were big hits by the way. all the girls were coming to take pictures of us). all of this actually made my face real smooth and kind of nice, but a)it took an hour to do all this crap and b)i'd rather not neuter myself.

today we got to do a walkthrough of the actual plane. we went to a hangar and while the mainenence guys worked on the plane we put visuals to all we've been learning, which was a big help. if you guys don't have respect for flight attendants, you should come to training. wow. you think we're just glorified waitresses, but geez. we've yet to learn anything about serving anything. basically if theres any emergency on the aircraft, we're in charg of 120+ lives. yesterday we saw video after video of aircraft emergencies. it was pretty scary.

other than that we've learned of what we get out of this job. we fly free, parents fly free, we get to have a buddy that can fly free (let the bidding war begin!!!!hahah. i have yet to choose) and we get red passes (free roundtrips) to give to whoever we want. plus we get 90% off other airlines, discounted hotels, rent a cars, and the list goes on. anyways, i'm sittin here watchin the football game in the lobby with stormy and MO, so i'm gonna...go. aight kids, keep in touch. PEACE.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

sleep, anyone???

wow. this has been a crazy 2 days that has felt like 2 weeks. we've had 3 tests already. we get back to the hotel at 630 and we have to study the rest of the night, and wake up at 5 and do it again. but to tell you the truth, i'm having a blast.

First i'd like to explain the PA. its the vain of our existence. all that stuff they say on the plane that no one really listens to? yeah, we had to memorize that for today. its kinda funny actually. you see people in the hotel sitting in the corner by themselves, talking to the wall into pencils. haha. other hotel customers think we're nuts. but we did that today. we basically had to go through most of it smoothly and without missing any major points. luckily i passed it (whew!)mostly because the supervisor thought i started out cracking jokes which showed confidence, but when i got serious i froze a little. its very very difficult.

aaanyways, as i was studying the other night i started saying the lines with a girl who lives nextdoor name jennifer. she's quite possibly the funniest person i've ever met. and i've met a girl named stormy who's gonna be my ski partner whenever we get through this month of torture. (no wonder they made a movie out of this) so i've met a lot of really cool and fun people. actually one of the girls lives in mandeville, la, which is 10 mins from my house!! small world. i've decided this whole outfit is a collection of the biggest "village idiots" because we're all way to high on the whole energy level. hahaha. except we're all pretty smart. and its kinda funny that they've taken all these high energy people...people selected because they can't sit still...and stick them in classrooms for 9 hrs a day, for a month. rriiigghhhtt...
i also found it interesting that almost everyone thats around my age lived the same life. if they don't get this job, they really have nowhere to go. we've all been nomads for the past few years, living in random places because we wanted to travel and we didn't want to stay at home. its really kind of funny.

tonight the hotel hosted a party for us with free food and drink. unfortunately i spent limited time in there b/c i needed to check my email and..well...go running!!!! yes i need to very badly.

aaanyways, i did find some nice little tidbit of information today. we all found out where we're gonna be stationed after we finish up. yes, we're all going to the same place, all 140 of us. and it is...

Chicago!! yup, i'll be a resident of the windy and really really cold city, which i'm excited about. course i can always live anywhere in the country i like and just commute to work. so i could live in los angeles and commute to chicago if i wanted...but i won't.

well i think thats all i have. i'm sure theres tons more, but i won't bore you with the details. just to let you know that one of the hardest parts of training was today and i passed. hope everyone is doing well! peace