Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Fire

OK so i finished all my courses, went home, did the christmas thing, santa was good to me (snowboard!!!) and christmas day i get a call, it says unavailable, i answer...bad move...very very bad move. its SWA scheduling. i have to pick up a mandatory trip the next day. I JUST GOT OUT OF TRAINING!! I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO START UNTIL JAN 7TH!!! but i have no choice. we rush home that night, my mom washes my uniform, i go to bed. get up at 5am, go to airport to start my 4 day trip....

so i'm on day 3 right now. things have been great. i've been having a blast. i've met the nicest people. my first overnight was in tulsa, and i was by myself (no set crew) but i met a few people on my final flight and they were all overnighting in tulsa. they showed me EVERYTHING, they fed me on the plane, showed me how to check in at the hotel, and they bought me dinner. i work with the nicest people. but since then i've had a set crew that i've been with, which has been nice. right now i'm in san antonio, and we have a long overnight, which is nice. its only 2pm, and we dont' leave till tomorrow morning. we're going to the mall here in a minute. but everyone has been feeling sad for us because we got thrown into the christmas fire. its been nuts. one of my flights today was to san antonio, and we had a flight full of oklahoma state fans, since they're playing in the alamo bowl. it was so fun. we got a guy to come sing the fight song, and everyone sang along and did the hand motions. hahaha.

anyway, my shuttle leaves the hotel here in a minute, so i'm gonna run. hopefully i'll be able to post again later, maybe about our fallen hero, Reggie White. (tear) but i have to move to chicago here in a day or 2, so its gonna be crazy. anyways have a good one. peace



kenny said...

Sheesh. Nothing like letting you relax after training. Way to roll with the punches. Sounds like you're doing something you enjoy. Good luck and happy flying!

Chris Ewing said...

You're a bum