Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm Hit!!!!

I know what you're thinking...i havn't written about steroids in baseball. Well let me explain something. all day all i think about is "heads down, stay down!!" and "release seatbelts!!!" and such. you know what i mean. I don't get much time to have sit and think, i barely get to pick up and check out a newspaper. but i will issue a few statements.

They're all liers. lets me honest. well, a lot of them are liers. this is they're job, they're livlihood, and if they have to take steroids to stay competitive, thats what they do. Alls i gots to say is that selig has got to man up and give them a 2 strike policy. we test you whenever we want, you get caught, thats ur first strike. do it again, and your done. no questions asked. sorry. try again.

bonds: you cheated, you know it. don't take the record from hammerin' hank. retire. we're not gonna kick you out of baseball, you've meant to much to it. but please, do us a favor.

giambi: thanks for admitting that. it takes "cajones." i give you props. even though you're too sick to ever play again.

cmon peeps, lets fix this. we all have problems, nothing is perfect. lets just fix it and move on.

aaanyways, so i took my unplanned and planned emergency landing proficiency today. yikes. in the unplanned (basically where you're landing and something happens unexpectantly) i passed it easily, and at the end they were just showing us some things in the simulated aircraft that we have. they took some students (luckily not me) and had them go through the motions of a normal landing, and without any warning, all of a sudden i see fire (fake fire) in the windows, and i hear the flight attendants screaming instructions (which we were just tested on) and i get in the brace position, then i look up and i see smoke everywhere. wow. it was intense, and i was very impressed with how the students were on they're toes. (i was just a passenger) they did very well.

then we had our planned, which is where the captain reports a hydraulic problem or something and we have to go through this huge series of events, with briefing ABA's (able bodied assistants) how to open doors, exit doors, carry my dead body off, yadda yadda yadda. well i knew how to do it, i just forgot a few steps and yes..i failed. gotta do it again friday. not like i'm the only one. :)so i was pretty mad about that tonight and i took a really long hard run. hopefully i'll get it done on friday, or i'm going home. :( its rough i tell ya. but i don't go down without a fight.

anyways, i'm gonna run. i got an off day tomorrow, praise the Lord!!!(we get off thursday, sat, and sun!!!) and tomorrow night i get to play a little flag football, of course not without a little studying. :) night.


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