Friday, December 24, 2004

I'm Withering Away...Seriously

You never thought it could happen, but it has. I got home to N.O. (after a successful OE, by the way), we had dinner, opened presents, and we're hanging around when the truth...the horrible, terrible truth, came out. I mentioned how i needed to take some nyquil to get some good rest because i havn't been able to shake the tail end of this cold. My good and loving parents...told me it was probably because i hadn't been eating well and that....they said i looked thin..didn't i always look thin?? was there a change? i went to the back and weighed myself and sure enought i'm down 5 lbs. and 5 lbs off a 125 lb frame is a whole lot. I'M DYIN HERE!!! So immediately i ran into the kitchen, heated up the rest of the steak we had for dinner, and gobbled it down, then requesting that my mother bring whatever is left in the fridge. I'm determined to put that weight back on immediately. heck, lets go for 130! My loving mother thought i should down some hot chocolate and take some benedryl and have a good breakfast in the morning. I just never had a clue that I had dropped weight. I'm seriously a little scared. Hopefully they'll be able to wake me up in the morning after the benedryl, or Santa just may pass me by afterall.


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jch said...

Jereymy, a couple of things: first, EAT! Second, congrats for passing the course, test, etc. Third, I'm excited about your future. Fourth, we have a friend who is a SW flight attendant and she doesn't make squate for a salary. Is that true?