Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A page is turned...

Wow, so much has happened. First i'd like to say that I passed the comprehensive today, which was my last test. i actually graduate tomorrow!! but you should have seen the spectacle. we were in the middle of a guest speaker, not long after finishing our test, the supervisor interrupted in the middle of it and began retracting the overhead..where a there was a banner that read "all ya'll passed!" hysteria began. women were crying. hugs all around. I never expected it. crazy.

but i do my OE (operational exam) on thursday, where i have to do at least 5 hours of flying. so heres my schedule, all in one day. dallas to houston to harlingen back to houston then to dallas then to san antonio then back to dallas. crazy.

but i also have my line for the entire month of january. i work every weekend, fridays saturdays and sundays, but then i get all week off....not too shabby. plus i have over-nights in spokane, WA, san diego (which is on my birthday!!) los angeles, and detroit. i go to a lot of other cities but i just stop by for like 20 mins. so i've got 18 days in january in which to go snowboarding!! :)

i'm gonna take some pics tomorrow at graduation and i'll send those out as soon as i can....promise. in the meantime, i'm goin to bed! i've been sick with a cold the last couple days and i'm left with a nagging cough. could use some rest. adios



kentbrantly said...

Congratulations, Jeremy! Good luck on the OE, have fun snowboarding, and merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Lauren aka The Riot Girl

kenny said...

Congrats man!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jeremy, I was worried about your ability to do this after the St. Louis Arch thing. You'll probably be done with the OE by the time you read this so I hope all went well. We're looking forward to seeing you over Christmas.
Love, Mom and Dad

kentbrantly said...

hey jeremy, i thought you were going to be a flight attendant... so how is it that you ended up playing safety for cincinnati?