Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Santa's about to pass me by

As I live in the little bubble that is flight attendant training, where i study all night and sit in a windowless classroom all day, I've almost forgotten that its christmas time. The nice people at southwest were kind enough to put up a nice little christmas tree in the training center, complete with presents underneath and lights. they also play some rockin' christmas music sometimes. On the way home i get to see some christmas lights outside. But other than that, it might as well be february.

It just hasn't been the same this year. I have yet to buy a present for anyone (I may have to wait until after christmas and make up for it) Our minds are too busy concentrating on evacuation procedures to even allow Christmas a chance to enter our brain. I never watch tv nowadays (except for the 2 hours of animal planet i watched during tuesday night dinner at josue and debbie's place) , so i don't get the christmas commercials like normal. sadly enough, that just may be the biggest contributor to the issue. for those of you in NY, i'm envious, because theres nothing better than christmas in NYC.

However, i think its gonna come back to me pretty soon. My OE's (operational exams) are on the 23rd and 24th, so i'm pretty sure we'll do some christmas themes, such as wearing antlers and santa hats and the such. But for the last few weeks, its just been wierd. I'm used to having time off to really enjoy the christmas holiday, but this time around I get almost no time.

I can't think of a cool or clever way to end this blog, so here it is. END.

By the way, in january we're celebrating an anniversary or something, can't quite remember, but we theres gonna be a company-wide pajama party. so i'll be flyin across the country in my pajamas. sweet.



Brown Sugar said...

yo yo jeremy. I posted another blog's pretty, Wednesday church had an interesting class on homosexuality and how to deal with it and interact with those that was pretty good...i only got to go to one of the classes though.ummm......anywho, go check out my blog, and have a fun day training....and keep that holiday spirit alive so the planes can stay afloat....give my love to you good looking friends.....aight....peace.

The Future said...

Welcome to the real world. You're still living in college if you think you will ever get time off for the holidays again!!

Last year I even had to work on Christmas eve. That bites!