Wednesday, December 01, 2004

sleep, anyone???

wow. this has been a crazy 2 days that has felt like 2 weeks. we've had 3 tests already. we get back to the hotel at 630 and we have to study the rest of the night, and wake up at 5 and do it again. but to tell you the truth, i'm having a blast.

First i'd like to explain the PA. its the vain of our existence. all that stuff they say on the plane that no one really listens to? yeah, we had to memorize that for today. its kinda funny actually. you see people in the hotel sitting in the corner by themselves, talking to the wall into pencils. haha. other hotel customers think we're nuts. but we did that today. we basically had to go through most of it smoothly and without missing any major points. luckily i passed it (whew!)mostly because the supervisor thought i started out cracking jokes which showed confidence, but when i got serious i froze a little. its very very difficult.

aaanyways, as i was studying the other night i started saying the lines with a girl who lives nextdoor name jennifer. she's quite possibly the funniest person i've ever met. and i've met a girl named stormy who's gonna be my ski partner whenever we get through this month of torture. (no wonder they made a movie out of this) so i've met a lot of really cool and fun people. actually one of the girls lives in mandeville, la, which is 10 mins from my house!! small world. i've decided this whole outfit is a collection of the biggest "village idiots" because we're all way to high on the whole energy level. hahaha. except we're all pretty smart. and its kinda funny that they've taken all these high energy people...people selected because they can't sit still...and stick them in classrooms for 9 hrs a day, for a month. rriiigghhhtt...
i also found it interesting that almost everyone thats around my age lived the same life. if they don't get this job, they really have nowhere to go. we've all been nomads for the past few years, living in random places because we wanted to travel and we didn't want to stay at home. its really kind of funny.

tonight the hotel hosted a party for us with free food and drink. unfortunately i spent limited time in there b/c i needed to check my email and..well...go running!!!! yes i need to very badly.

aaanyways, i did find some nice little tidbit of information today. we all found out where we're gonna be stationed after we finish up. yes, we're all going to the same place, all 140 of us. and it is...

Chicago!! yup, i'll be a resident of the windy and really really cold city, which i'm excited about. course i can always live anywhere in the country i like and just commute to work. so i could live in los angeles and commute to chicago if i wanted...but i won't.

well i think thats all i have. i'm sure theres tons more, but i won't bore you with the details. just to let you know that one of the hardest parts of training was today and i passed. hope everyone is doing well! peace



Adrian said...

Wow Jeremy...Reading that has almost inspired me to become a flight attendent as well. Sounds like you are having a blast! And Chicago?! That is pretty cool. You can always work part time at the PIMS Chicago office...rrrrright. It is good to hear you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

It does sound fun (as Adrian said) although not sure if I can handle the flying because of my baddd experience with ATA..bastards they are for screwing up my luggage! Anyways Chicago is a cool city to live in although I think Philly is better :)

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

kentbrantly said...

congratulations on making it through one of the hardest days of your training. it is always encouraging when you work hard at something and end up doing it well. so keep working hard. and the same is true for running a marathon. imagine how great it will feel when you run that 26.4 miles in like 3 or 4 hours and you look back at all the training you did and see what you have accomplished.... of course, we all know that'll never happen, cause there's no way you can run a marathon, chump. it's all pipe dreams.
but i hope you have fun flying. and remember, indianapolis isn't a very long commute to chicago. think about it.

jch said...

Jeremy, this is by far more interesting than anything we are doing so please keep posting so that we can live vicariously through you! And congrats on passing THE test!