Saturday, December 04, 2004

SWA Life

Sup kids! things are really lookin up. I'm really enjoying things. theres so much to tell that i don't know where to start.

Ok well heres an interesting bit of information. today was image consultation day. they brought clinique in to "suggest" things to people regarding they're appearance. And yes, guys too. they split up the guys and girls, and sat us all at the table. there were around 10 clinique representatives, and only one talked to the guys. she made us put on all these lotions and face creams and exfoliating masks (which were big hits by the way. all the girls were coming to take pictures of us). all of this actually made my face real smooth and kind of nice, but a)it took an hour to do all this crap and b)i'd rather not neuter myself.

today we got to do a walkthrough of the actual plane. we went to a hangar and while the mainenence guys worked on the plane we put visuals to all we've been learning, which was a big help. if you guys don't have respect for flight attendants, you should come to training. wow. you think we're just glorified waitresses, but geez. we've yet to learn anything about serving anything. basically if theres any emergency on the aircraft, we're in charg of 120+ lives. yesterday we saw video after video of aircraft emergencies. it was pretty scary.

other than that we've learned of what we get out of this job. we fly free, parents fly free, we get to have a buddy that can fly free (let the bidding war begin!!!!hahah. i have yet to choose) and we get red passes (free roundtrips) to give to whoever we want. plus we get 90% off other airlines, discounted hotels, rent a cars, and the list goes on. anyways, i'm sittin here watchin the football game in the lobby with stormy and MO, so i'm gonna...go. aight kids, keep in touch. PEACE.


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kentbrantly said...

jeremy, no heckling this time. just wanted to say keep it up. sounds like you're having a good time. maybe i should drop this whole med school thing and go to work for southwest - at least then i could afford to fly to all these med school interviews... which i wouldn't be having. i guess that wouldn't work then, huh? anyway, i'm proud of you friend. keep working hard, and keep resisting the temptation to try another one of those exfoliating masks again.
peace, <><