Monday, December 06, 2004

Welcome to Funny Farm

I feel like i'm at funny camp. serious. Everyday is just a barrel of laughs. Today they were calling role, and my friend danielle answered roll with that farting sound that you make when you put the heel of your palms together around your mouth and blow. i'm serious. its like we were 4 again. hilarious. and she was rolling, one joke after another. i turned around and said "wow, you're on a roll today!" haha. i love those days. some days your wired and you can't miss. everything is funny.

like i said before, if you don't respect flight attendants, you really should. they know so much and they are prepared for so much that they never get to use. we have yet to even mention serving peanuts and drinks. we're hittin the meat of safety regulations and procedures. as i speak, theres 8 people in the cafe,(the restaurant basically reserves it for us at night to use to study) and we have chairs setup in like seats in an airplane and we're practicing giving ABA (able body assistant) instructions. its pretty intense. today we got to do the whole jump out the slide thing. its pretty fun. who ever said evacuations weren't fun?:) other than that its just been another day! oh and we have to remember where every piece of emergency equipment is on every type of plane. all we have are 737s, but there are 4 different types. 200, 300, 500, 700.

heres a funny story. we had uniform fitting the other day. the guys went in to try on all the clothes. i went in, put on the khaki pants and the white button down shirt, and came out to get the size approved and whatever. well where i was standing all the girls in my group (theres a lot) looked at me and said i looked like a little choir boy. hahaha. very funny. well we also have a SWA vest, and though i'm not a big fan of it, its required to i go in, try it on, and i come out. i think this looks ridiculous on me as i resemble a 5 yr old catholic school boy, so i walk to to show my friends how ridiculous it was, and all i get from a crowd of girls is "awwwwwwwwwwwww". i turned the other way and ran. haha. but i laughed at it. i thought it was funny. i've learned to laugh at my own misfortunes.

i forgot to spread a nice piece of information. people complain that southwest doesn't fly into JFK or laguardia, but i found out that its because of traffic. they fly out of islip, which is a MUCH smaller airport, so they are more able to have on-time flights. and we invented the 10-min turnaround, because, after all, a plane aint makin no money on the ground.

anyways, i know i havn't been updating my marathon tracker, but i've found some running accountability partners, and now that i sit in a chair all day, all i want to do when i get back is run. so yeah i've been training and actually the other day i got lost in dallas suburbia and instead of running around 2-3 miles, i ended up running around 5-6. but it felt good.

i'll try to post some pics, but i don't have photoshop on my computer at the moment, so i can't resize pictures to fit them on the website. soon enough, my friends. in the meantime, keep your chin up and enjoy what the Lord has given you! peace out



Anonymous said...

A bit shocked you haven't posted your thoughts on the use of steroids by Jason Giambi and Barry Glad to hear you're having a great experience with SWA. Hmmmm....mind hooking me up with a discount in May or June? My cousin's (who lives in AZ)graduation is around that time... ;P

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

Adrian said...

I always wanted to jump onto that slide!! I mean, I hope I never have to, but I think they should have that set up as a ride at the airport that you can go on while you wait for a flight. That way in case you ever have to go down the slide you know what to expect. Plus it would be fun and add an amusement-park-quality to your flying experience. Just a suggestion for SWA.