Friday, December 10, 2004


ok so i passed my proficiecy today. close one. if i screwed up i was goin home! ok well not goin home, but packin my stuff and drivin to montana. thats my backup plan. :) i can't believe i got through class today. i had to redo my proficiency, then take a 100 question emergency equipment test, which i passed. plus last night i chose to go play some football instead of study. hahaha. i'm gonna give it up to stormy for drillin me with questions when we got back. i think she saved me. whew!! not to mention that while playing football i jumped for a ball, caught it, and the guy undercut me while i was in the air and i landed on my back. but i'm ok. could have been bad though. that'd be the end of my career. but i think he was frustrated b/c i kept burning him and i was covering him like white on rice. HE AINT GOT NUTHIN!!!

tonight some of us went out to eat to celebrate our first actual weekend since we've been here. most of you probably got a pic from this. the waiter actually gave us his number so that we can refer him to southwest. he said he'd tried before but didn't get in. makes me feel even more blessed than i am now.

anyways, thats really all thats goin on. tomorrow i get to go have lunch with my old college bud anne lincoln, and i'm real excited!!! and its almost 11 and i'm exhausted. i'll be better next time. i promise. peace.

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