Saturday, January 29, 2005

And...walking a SHOUT OUT! HOLLA!

ok first, make sure you read the post before this. i just wrote it. but i feel i need to write something else. i just wanna give props to someone..

MY PARENTS! they're pretty cool. some of you know my pop as Supa Ted. Not sure if my mom really has a nickname yet, but supa Nan would be fitting.

Anyways, right now, as we speak, my parents are dragging a U-Haul somewhere along the 13 hr course between new orleans and chicago. Why would they do that you ask? I mean, that is a valid question, since they do fly free and all. but they are bringing my furniture to chicago. I've been sleeping on an air mattress for close to a month now. well, except for hotel beds. kind of an incentive to go to work. :) so yeah, i'm working right now, so i won't even be there when they drop my stuff off.

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, its currently snowing in the midwest. but they are brave souls, God Bless'm. I guess they listened to my post about having fun in the blizzard.

But heres the kicker. they are hoping to get there around 2pm central on saturday, drop off my stuff, then turn around and go home. no, seriously. i feel terrible that they had to do this. But i guess this is what parents do. Maybe its empty nest sydrome. or maybe they just wanted to do something crazy. i mean, i would understand that. hopefully they'll find some time to enjoy something in the city, be it a coffee shop or a coooold walk along the lake.

that reminds me, i have a story to tell you. on wednesday, i decided to go run on the lake. and i thought it would be cool to run downtown. so i ran, and ran, and ran in the 20 degree temps, and touched the sears tower. then i was like..."umm..i'm tired, how am i gonna get back?" i had no money, nothing, just my car keys. i had to get back to my car somehow. only 1 choice. walk. it was about 2 1/2 miles or so (at least thats what it felt like) and when i started walking, i realized that on the way i had had the wind at my back. uh oh. freezing temps, howling wind in my face, and i'm too tired to run. dang. the waves from the lake were crashing on the shore, throwing icebergs onto the beach. i'm not kidding.

needless to say i made it. i'm alive. but it was a looong, cold walk.

but back to my original point to this blog, Thanks Mom and Dad. you rule.

side note

i commented this on my last post, but i choose to put it in a new post. in regards to my last post, I just wanna say that i didn't mean people to get caught up in the meaning/definition whatever of "moral" or whatever. You all know what i mean. Its just kinda scary how much this world hinges on how we, as individuals, choose to conduct ourselves. thats all i mean. theres no checks and balances system that is fail proof. scary.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A world of choas

Ever wonder where we would be without moral people? Theres a lot of people...corporate leaders...judges....police officers...tons of people...who try to cheat, lie, and take advantage of others to get ahead in life. I just heard the other day about a judge who was paid off to rule a defendant not guilty. This just made me think about how this world can continue to twirl amidst such corruption.

I mean think about it. Who stops these people? who stops the mcdonalds employee from stealing money, from the manager from overlooking it, from corporate hot shots from embezzling??? i guess we got law enforcement. but what if these people decided not to care. what happens then? government?? what, when we elect people like bill clinton to office? it could turn into a nasty circle of death, where everything implodes on itself because everyone is cheating everyone else.

I just realized that in the end, if we didn't have moral people..people who actually care how others act, people who practice the golden rule, who believe in justice, integrity, character...people who want this world to be a safe place...a place where we can go out and walk the streets at night. its not these organizations themselves, but the individual people that work there. Its you and me who decide that this place can be a place where we can raise our children. How funny that this is what Jesus taught us....hmmmm..


Monday, January 24, 2005

Just smile and nod....

Ever have one of those bosses?? yeah, one of those. you're sitting at your desk, working REALLY REALLY hard like usual, and up walks you're boss.

I mean theres really only 2 reasons you're boss should be coming up to you. 1) You've done something horribly wrong and you have to take your lashings and 2) ok there is no 2. lets be honest, most bosses don't speak to you for doing what your supposed to do....a good job. they prefer email for that. but then theres the bosses that decide there should be a #3. the "hey, lets just have a chat, because i just wanna fake that i'm a caring boss." they walk up to you in your cubicle, comment on your lisa loeb picture on your wall, comment on the book your currently reading, then comment on the local sports team and the weather. then they walk away. what the heck? i'm busy writing a blog here...i mean...working hard, and you're gonna interrupt me..for what..for this??? no. you need something better. I'M A BUSY MAN!!! oh, and lets not forget those cookies. for cryin out loud, you pay me a barely livable salary and i splurge one day and go buy some cookies at the grocery store, and you have the nerve to ask me for A COOKIE?? what, am i gonna say, no? i can't say no. cuz i'll get fired and i got no where else to go. plus, in the interview i told you i was a "yes" man, not a "no" man. i can't give away my position. UGGHH!! i've had one of these bosses before..can't ya tell? i can't wait to go back and visit one day so i can...

haha. sorry scott. i was told you read my blog, so i thought i'd play a joke on ya. i'm jus kiddin'. :) peace


Saturday, January 22, 2005


ok first off, i wanna congratulate the astros and doing what i told them and signing roger. looks like we're headed for an 8th cy young, and now i can go see wood vs clemens at wrigley.

ok so theres a HUGE weather system heading into the northeast. i'm in detroit, where we've gotten about 9 inches so far. my home has been wrecked with almost a foot, and more is coming. new york is bracing for what could be 2 feet. why are we all complaining??

why do we always shy away from a break in the monotony of life? everyone says "i gotta put on all this extra clothing" or "i might slip and fall on the ice" or "its gonna take so much longer to get to work." cmon people, live a little. theres so much fun to be had in the snow. and we're all in it together. get some friends and go sledding....DURING the blizzard. ever done that??? go play some frozen tundra football!! how cool would it be to have a snow-baseball game??? instead of sitting inside all day because "but..but...its so NASTY outside!!" go have fun in it!! ever done your morning jog in 20 degree weather through snow??? I have. these are what make the great stories. just imagine yourself 50 years from now, having NO stories to tell your grandchildren because you shied away from anything different. you wanna know why older people say "i used to walk to school barefoot, uphill, BOTH WAYS???" ITS BECAUSE THEY WISH THEY HAD. maybe you can find an empty parking lot. take your car and go turn donuts. hahah. ok so maybe you don't have to go that far. go hiking in it. who knows what could happen!! and take your camera along! just imagine how nice it'll feel to go out in it all day, come back, shake the snow off, and curl up next to the fire for the night. but i just wanna encourage everyone to roll with the punches and enjoy whatever weather comes your way.

ok so not everyone experiences the snow (sorry mom) but you can apply this to every aspect of life. suck the marrow out of it!

today when we try to land in chicago, the pilot is making his first CAT 5 landing (i'm not really sure what that is either, but its not as easy as normal landings...thats if i'm spelling that right. i just heard it yesterday) and we hit the ground, and we start sliding down the runway, and turning donuts in the middle of the'll know i'll be smiling because what a story that'll make. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2005


The man is a beast. More specifically a bull. He has the heart of a Lion. The arm of....a rocket? He fears no man...

Cmon 'stros. give it to 'em. The Rocket Roger Clemens recently asked the astros for $22 million for him to play next season, which would make him the highest paid pitcher by $4 million. What do i think? I think he deserves it. Everyone's got an opinion, and it seems that most don't agree with me. But I'm adamant about this.

In an age when players are drug addicts, steroid users, and Randy Mosses, you're tellin me that you're gonna force Roger Clemens out of retirement? the man is a family guy, a team guy, and a FREAK OF NATURE on the diamond. He mentor's the teams younger pitchers. Hes out at 5am working out...every day. he talks to the media. he doesn't smart off to them. He's never shied away from walking a guy...why?? because he knows he can strike out the next batter on 3 pitches. the man could walk the bases loaded then strike out the side. He's 42 and still makes batters look silly. and you're gonna let him walk away??? the rocket pitched in front of packed houses at the Juice Box. he brings in the crowds. he brought the astros they're first playoff series win. GIVE THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS!!!

People say he's being selfish for waiting so long to decide if he still wants to play. Well its probably not an easy decision to give up a gam you've dedicated you're life too. and they say that he's selfish for asking so much money....well correct me if i'm wrong, but he played for well under the market value...

The astros did the right thing when they offered under what he was asking. thats fine. But in the end all i care about is that man wearing an astro uniform. if he settles for nothing less than 22...then by all means... LET'M HAVE IT...WITH NOOOOO PROBLEM!

as a post note, only people from the new orleans area will get that last line. so don't stay up to late trying to figure out that joke.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Not On my team you're not

See heres the thing. me and randy moss just don't see eye to eye. Oh, you only play when you wanna play? then you aint. not for my team you're not. is it any coincidence that the vikings never go anywhere in the playoffs? ok so they beat the packers..big whoop. with the talent they have they should be in the super bowl. lets be honest. it takes heart to win the big one, somethin the vikings just aint got.

you can't defend him. you just can't. theres no way. people try to say "oh, theres a lot of worse things he can be doing. the fact is that he's a freak of nature (got that right)and he has amazing athletic ability. if you don't like him, then you're being racist." ok fine, theres worse things. but since when does that make it right. you keep defending wrong actions with other wrong actions, it just keeps going in a downward spiral.

lets take a look at the patriots. they play like a team. they don't have that one guy that carries the team. they are a team. the vikings aren't, and randy is they're first problem.

Bottom line is, the point of the game is to win a super bowl. and it just won't happen when you've got a star player that leaves the game early. thats ridiculous. like i've said in an earlier post, i don't care if you do funny celebrations. t.o with a pen is funny. mooning the crowd is offensive. don't do it. funny, but offensive.

ok thats all i got. i'm gonna try to do a little documentery of some type on my next trip. it all depends. we'll see. peace.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Zombie ate Anne

Ok so my pal anne, shes got this car thats completely rad. You've never seen anything like it. we should all dream of having this car. Its got everything you want in a car. Reliability. Ok so thats where it ends. I GOT NUTHIN. but its a good ride.

it is freakin cool. not the car, but anne. no seriously, but they are both really cool. Anne is cool for many reasons, one being that shes stuck with this really groovy car. we call it the Zombie. I think it has like 600,000 miles. and its built like a tank like they used to do them in the old days. thats when they built them right. back when a bumper was actually just that.....a bumper. you could run through a brick wall and she'd keep chuggin. (i'm assuming the Zombie is a she.) Anne has takin this thing through thick and thin, most notably to many many many third day concerts. im talkin cross country. this thing is a third day machine. thats all it knows. like me and baseball gloves. :) i'm impressed. everytime i call to see if we can meet up, i'm prepared to ask if i should pick her up. but it never happens. I really waiting to use that line as a pick-up line....and actually pick her up...literally.... cuz we're going to get married. or we were, until i learned that she doesn't like baseball, so there that goes. but she is a peyton manning fan and she DOES drive the zombie. i guess i could try to get over the whole baseball thing. we'll see. in the meantime, i just want to congratulate anne on being a cool person who sent me my birthday card in the mail even though i already saw it and for driving the zombie. :)

Your welcome anne


Sunday, January 09, 2005

So you've got a new baby....

aahh kent. i'm a bit dissapointed that you had to ask, but i'm excited that i get the opportunity to share the importance of a new glove. and i'm happy that theres a new member to you're family. Let me first explain the effect these things have on people. (for those of you confused on where this came from, check out the comment on my previous post...the one with comments)

most of you know this story, but freshman year in college, im playing intramural softball, theres a hard ground ball hit to me, it takes a bad hop, hits me directly in the eye, i'm knocked out cold, i'm brought to the hospital....blah blah blah, i'm alright, but i never saw that glove again. someone took it, and its gone. unfortunately it was my brothers...and to this day he asks me where it is. he can't get over it.

getting a new baseball glove is like having a child...(except for the shopping for it part...don't we wish, right? haha) but shopping for it is important. we agonize over the color, size, what position its meant for...ahh the pressure! but when you see it you know it. you can't get it out of your mind. and then you do anything to have it.

now you've got it. you take it out before bedtime and stare at it. caress it. sleep with it. when its stiff and not cooperating, you take it out and break it in. just like a child. hahah. umm yeah sorry. anyways, needless to say, it becomes a part of you. if someone wants to borrow it, you have to have strict criteria. is he trustworthy...will he lose it....will he make the inside all sweaty...its all important.

some of you may not understand all this, but these things stay with you for a long time. i still have my glove from my little league days. that good ole mizuno. perfect second baseman glove, especially for a guy with small hands like me. but he would go out of his way for me. i often played outfield, and he still performed. wow.

i could go on, but i wont, because i'm in san diego and i go home today, and i have in 10 mins.

so, kent, I hope this strange..wierd...and kinda creepy blog answers you're question of how important it is to take care of a new glove. pretty soon its going to become a part of you, and you can never let it go....or maybe thats just me. :)


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Prayers for the Storm

My pal Stormy has asked me for prayers, and she said i could put it in my blog because the more the merrier! I'm not gonna go into detail, but Shes traveling today to go to pensacola to smooth out some things with a guy, i guess you could say. But in any matter she just wants prayers that whatever comes out of it, that it works out for the best in the end and that God's will is done. its important to her so much that she even bought a ticket on another airline even though thats way below her. :) (we don't fly to pensacola). Thanks guys!


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Its been quite a cooooold ride!

Ok to first defend my last post. If Utah wouldn't have beaten USC, lets all be honest here, they woulda given them more of a game than OU did. and to say that the big 12 is tough??? cmon. and cal gave USC all they could handle and then lost to texas tech?? cmon. both conferences are overrated, both teams are overrated. we both know it. it was a matchup of the overrateds. we learned nothing from that game. and i'm moving on. i'm right you u know it. :) but its good to have the controversy back.

so my first couple days in chi-town were uneventful. i just worked on getting tv and internet here, wandered the neighborhood, just kinda hung out between making runs to the airport. then things started to spice up. the night of the orange bowl it began to snow. the next morning it was still snowing, as most of you saw in the pictures. my friend stormy was home from her trip, so we got together and visited the the driving snow. then we went to pick up my 3rd roommate from the airport. that was quite a trip going 30 the whole way, slippin' and slidin'. good ole louisana boys don't know much about driving in the snow. so we pick him up, and we head to target for some necessities. at this point its been snowing for a good 22 hrs and theres no sign of letting up. we finish our shopping and i get the car and i'm picking stormy and da'rrow up at the front. when we get loaded up with all our shopping bags and da'rrows luggage (we're up to the brim by the way) clutch decides to give way....YAAAYY!! so we're stuck. i can't get it into first gear, and we're sitting at the front of target in the driving stormy calls her dad who clues us into a trick. we turn off the car, then shift, then turn it on. it works great, and we manage to get it to 2nd gear, and we drove the 10 blocks home in 2nd gear.

so today (sorry, this story keeps going!!) i call my friend here who works for the wall street journal to find a good mechanic. he tells me of a great one and i call him up. i told him i might be able to drive it down there, so i head out to the car, dig it out of who knows how much snow ( A LOT!!) and i try to get it out of the parkings space, but its not happening. it ends up getting stuck in reverse, even with the car off. so i call the shop back, and they send a tow truck. 3 hrs later, the shop calls me and tells me my truck has arrived. we take it down to the shop, and the mechanic takes a look at it. he comes in and goes through what everything costs, and he's giving me these HUGE discounts because i know a guy who knows the owner. (NICE) the estimate ends up being a whopping 800 bucks (its legit, we check it with our mechanic back home) which could have easily been 1000 had my pal jon eig, who took part in an article about the auto shop in chicago magazine, had not hooked me up. sweet. and they also didn't charge for the tow. ok so it was a lot of money, but you do what you gotta do to keep going, right? by the way, 1230 today it FINALLY stops snowing. theres mountains of snow EVERYWHERE. the mechanic said that he had 5 other blown clutches TODAY because everyone is getting stuck and does the forward-reverse-forward-reverse thing which he says can take 1 year off the life of a clutch in 5 secs. (good to know)

wow. so sorry that took so long, but i'm back home now and i'm taking off tomorrow on a trip. ill be in spokane, WA tomorrow night and san diego saturday night, and back home sunday. peace


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Was anyone else ill last night???

National Championship game....uuggghhhhh!!! i don't have tv, so last night i went on a search for a sports bar. i know i know, but you do what you gotta do. i found one just around the corner, i sat myself down on the corner in front of one of the 12 tvs, ordered some buffalo wings, and watched the first half then went home sick. i can't stand USC. the only good thing to come out of the game last night is that one of the 2 most overrated teams in the nation had to lose. its true.

i picked up the paper this morning and read nothing but "usc is undoubtedly the best team in the country" and how they could possibly win a 3rd straight National championship next year......WHOOAAA..back that train up. what was that??? lets be honest folks. they never won last year. ok they got screwed by the bcs..but thats the rules. and last time i checked we all had to follow the rules. if they won last year then auburn can go home self-proclaimed champs this year. am i wrong here?? ok so this is a debate from last year,we'll move on.

lets move on to who coulda whipped USC, Oklahoma, and auburn had they had the chance. yeah, i'm talkin about them...THOSE UTAH UTES!!! i watched those guys play saturday night and they are GOOD. i don't think they've had a close game all year!! hold on, let me check that last comment....yup, i'm righter than i thought!! check these scores out. its unreal. as a matter of fact, the national championship game shoulda been Utah vs Louisville. if not, they woulda put up a heck of a lot better show than we got last night.

if anyone thinks i'm wrong, by all means post a comment and tell me how you feel. but lets be honest, i'm right.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back from the ashes!!

AHA! you'd thought i'd gone and would never return, right?? WRONG, SUCKA!! i'm in chicago now, i have an apartment (duplex actually) and i'm at caribou coffee down the street because..well..not only do i have no internet, i have no furniture, tv, food, or a bed!! yeah!!! its like i'm camping. i love camping. i gotta do this quick b/c i'm not racing against my 2 hr limit, but against my battery. hahaha. anyways, i drove up here on least thats when it started. i went to nashville to see DEARING!! whod been in costa rica for the past year and a half. then i got up on saturday and drove to chicago. since ivebeen here i havn't seen the sun at all. its been cold and rainy. but i did walk to wrigley field (10 mins from my house!!)and i've been driving back and forth to the airport. but life is good, i head out on friday for a trip. and since i have no tv, i'll have to hit a bar to watch the national championship tonight (sorry dad, you do what you gotta do) wow, quite a jump in topic, right? haha. anyways, i gotta check out the cable-tv rates and internet rates online before i go. but once i get that all set up it'll be back to the same ole mindless blather that you're used to reading!! WHAT FUN. you know you love it.