Saturday, January 29, 2005

And...walking a SHOUT OUT! HOLLA!

ok first, make sure you read the post before this. i just wrote it. but i feel i need to write something else. i just wanna give props to someone..

MY PARENTS! they're pretty cool. some of you know my pop as Supa Ted. Not sure if my mom really has a nickname yet, but supa Nan would be fitting.

Anyways, right now, as we speak, my parents are dragging a U-Haul somewhere along the 13 hr course between new orleans and chicago. Why would they do that you ask? I mean, that is a valid question, since they do fly free and all. but they are bringing my furniture to chicago. I've been sleeping on an air mattress for close to a month now. well, except for hotel beds. kind of an incentive to go to work. :) so yeah, i'm working right now, so i won't even be there when they drop my stuff off.

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you, its currently snowing in the midwest. but they are brave souls, God Bless'm. I guess they listened to my post about having fun in the blizzard.

But heres the kicker. they are hoping to get there around 2pm central on saturday, drop off my stuff, then turn around and go home. no, seriously. i feel terrible that they had to do this. But i guess this is what parents do. Maybe its empty nest sydrome. or maybe they just wanted to do something crazy. i mean, i would understand that. hopefully they'll find some time to enjoy something in the city, be it a coffee shop or a coooold walk along the lake.

that reminds me, i have a story to tell you. on wednesday, i decided to go run on the lake. and i thought it would be cool to run downtown. so i ran, and ran, and ran in the 20 degree temps, and touched the sears tower. then i was like..."umm..i'm tired, how am i gonna get back?" i had no money, nothing, just my car keys. i had to get back to my car somehow. only 1 choice. walk. it was about 2 1/2 miles or so (at least thats what it felt like) and when i started walking, i realized that on the way i had had the wind at my back. uh oh. freezing temps, howling wind in my face, and i'm too tired to run. dang. the waves from the lake were crashing on the shore, throwing icebergs onto the beach. i'm not kidding.

needless to say i made it. i'm alive. but it was a looong, cold walk.

but back to my original point to this blog, Thanks Mom and Dad. you rule.


kenny said...

Nah. I doubt it's empty-nest syndrome. That's just what moms and dads do for their kids. At least the good ones. It sounds like you don't need the reminder, but don't let them be underappreciated.

The Future said...

I'm sure they'll have a little fun on the road trip as well! The adventure is getting there, man.

Props to Miss Nancy and Sir Tedrick, too!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Thank you for this blog, and yes we did have fun. It was a long drive, but we enjoyed seeing your place. As funny as it sounds, with our busy lives we enjoyed having that much time to visit with each other.
Hey man, let's go skiing!
Mom and Dad