Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back from the ashes!!

AHA! you'd thought i'd gone and would never return, right?? WRONG, SUCKA!! i'm in chicago now, i have an apartment (duplex actually) and i'm at caribou coffee down the street because..well..not only do i have no internet, i have no furniture, tv, food, or a bed!! yeah!!! its like i'm camping. i love camping. i gotta do this quick b/c i'm not racing against my 2 hr limit, but against my battery. hahaha. anyways, i drove up here on friday..at least thats when it started. i went to nashville to see DEARING!! whod been in costa rica for the past year and a half. then i got up on saturday and drove to chicago. since ivebeen here i havn't seen the sun at all. its been cold and rainy. but i did walk to wrigley field (10 mins from my house!!)and i've been driving back and forth to the airport. but life is good, i head out on friday for a trip. and since i have no tv, i'll have to hit a bar to watch the national championship tonight (sorry dad, you do what you gotta do) wow, quite a jump in topic, right? haha. anyways, i gotta check out the cable-tv rates and internet rates online before i go. but once i get that all set up it'll be back to the same ole mindless blather that you're used to reading!! WHAT FUN. you know you love it.


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