Saturday, January 22, 2005


ok first off, i wanna congratulate the astros and doing what i told them and signing roger. looks like we're headed for an 8th cy young, and now i can go see wood vs clemens at wrigley.

ok so theres a HUGE weather system heading into the northeast. i'm in detroit, where we've gotten about 9 inches so far. my home has been wrecked with almost a foot, and more is coming. new york is bracing for what could be 2 feet. why are we all complaining??

why do we always shy away from a break in the monotony of life? everyone says "i gotta put on all this extra clothing" or "i might slip and fall on the ice" or "its gonna take so much longer to get to work." cmon people, live a little. theres so much fun to be had in the snow. and we're all in it together. get some friends and go sledding....DURING the blizzard. ever done that??? go play some frozen tundra football!! how cool would it be to have a snow-baseball game??? instead of sitting inside all day because "but..but...its so NASTY outside!!" go have fun in it!! ever done your morning jog in 20 degree weather through snow??? I have. these are what make the great stories. just imagine yourself 50 years from now, having NO stories to tell your grandchildren because you shied away from anything different. you wanna know why older people say "i used to walk to school barefoot, uphill, BOTH WAYS???" ITS BECAUSE THEY WISH THEY HAD. maybe you can find an empty parking lot. take your car and go turn donuts. hahah. ok so maybe you don't have to go that far. go hiking in it. who knows what could happen!! and take your camera along! just imagine how nice it'll feel to go out in it all day, come back, shake the snow off, and curl up next to the fire for the night. but i just wanna encourage everyone to roll with the punches and enjoy whatever weather comes your way.

ok so not everyone experiences the snow (sorry mom) but you can apply this to every aspect of life. suck the marrow out of it!

today when we try to land in chicago, the pilot is making his first CAT 5 landing (i'm not really sure what that is either, but its not as easy as normal landings...thats if i'm spelling that right. i just heard it yesterday) and we hit the ground, and we start sliding down the runway, and turning donuts in the middle of the'll know i'll be smiling because what a story that'll make. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, Jeremy, I'll just have my kids and grandkids call you for stories because I'd be perfectly happy if I never lived north of Texas! :) However, I do agree that folks should go out and enjoy instead of complain but I liked to enjoy inside with a blanket, book or movie and a mug of hot cocoa! Let us know if your pilot landed by doing donuts on the runway. I suppose that would be pretty funny, but maybe not since folks might get hurt.
~ Renae

kenny said...

Well, here in the hills NW of NYC, we have over a foot of snow already and several more inches on the way before noontime. I have never complained about snow. It makes me feel like a kid again. It makes my 10 year old doberman act like a puppy again. Of course, it's easier to be optomistic about snow and ice when you live in the Northeast... cause we know how to drive in it. The only negative I've ever experienced was landing at Newark-Liberty last February at 1 am during a snow storm. It's a little scary looking out the window just before you touchdown and not seeing any blacktop.

Anonymous said...

ok, so you can never say anything to me again about this because I'm actually commenting on your blog. anyways... I do agree this is one of your best. Making the best of every situation and having fun in life is an idea that I try to live by... even though I don't really see snow:) I would like to say, however, that perhaps you should have some sort of standard of sanity. Because if you continue to do really ridiculous things then you might not live 50 more years to see these supposed "grandchildren" ~kc

The Future said...

i would like to say- anyone who cannot take a snowball should not be allowed to write a blog like this. Is it soooo bad to be hit by snow balls? How can you tell someone to get out and live a little when you can't face a snow ball war? Ever think you could just pick up a snow ball of your own and defend yourself instead of whining? Wouldn't that make a better story for your grandkids?

Just a thought.