Thursday, January 06, 2005

Its been quite a cooooold ride!

Ok to first defend my last post. If Utah wouldn't have beaten USC, lets all be honest here, they woulda given them more of a game than OU did. and to say that the big 12 is tough??? cmon. and cal gave USC all they could handle and then lost to texas tech?? cmon. both conferences are overrated, both teams are overrated. we both know it. it was a matchup of the overrateds. we learned nothing from that game. and i'm moving on. i'm right you u know it. :) but its good to have the controversy back.

so my first couple days in chi-town were uneventful. i just worked on getting tv and internet here, wandered the neighborhood, just kinda hung out between making runs to the airport. then things started to spice up. the night of the orange bowl it began to snow. the next morning it was still snowing, as most of you saw in the pictures. my friend stormy was home from her trip, so we got together and visited the the driving snow. then we went to pick up my 3rd roommate from the airport. that was quite a trip going 30 the whole way, slippin' and slidin'. good ole louisana boys don't know much about driving in the snow. so we pick him up, and we head to target for some necessities. at this point its been snowing for a good 22 hrs and theres no sign of letting up. we finish our shopping and i get the car and i'm picking stormy and da'rrow up at the front. when we get loaded up with all our shopping bags and da'rrows luggage (we're up to the brim by the way) clutch decides to give way....YAAAYY!! so we're stuck. i can't get it into first gear, and we're sitting at the front of target in the driving stormy calls her dad who clues us into a trick. we turn off the car, then shift, then turn it on. it works great, and we manage to get it to 2nd gear, and we drove the 10 blocks home in 2nd gear.

so today (sorry, this story keeps going!!) i call my friend here who works for the wall street journal to find a good mechanic. he tells me of a great one and i call him up. i told him i might be able to drive it down there, so i head out to the car, dig it out of who knows how much snow ( A LOT!!) and i try to get it out of the parkings space, but its not happening. it ends up getting stuck in reverse, even with the car off. so i call the shop back, and they send a tow truck. 3 hrs later, the shop calls me and tells me my truck has arrived. we take it down to the shop, and the mechanic takes a look at it. he comes in and goes through what everything costs, and he's giving me these HUGE discounts because i know a guy who knows the owner. (NICE) the estimate ends up being a whopping 800 bucks (its legit, we check it with our mechanic back home) which could have easily been 1000 had my pal jon eig, who took part in an article about the auto shop in chicago magazine, had not hooked me up. sweet. and they also didn't charge for the tow. ok so it was a lot of money, but you do what you gotta do to keep going, right? by the way, 1230 today it FINALLY stops snowing. theres mountains of snow EVERYWHERE. the mechanic said that he had 5 other blown clutches TODAY because everyone is getting stuck and does the forward-reverse-forward-reverse thing which he says can take 1 year off the life of a clutch in 5 secs. (good to know)

wow. so sorry that took so long, but i'm back home now and i'm taking off tomorrow on a trip. ill be in spokane, WA tomorrow night and san diego saturday night, and back home sunday. peace



jch said...

The Big 12 is not hard? C'mon. I know that you are a SEC fan but let's do the math. How many SEC teams in Top 25 and how many Big 12 teams? For that matter, how many Big 12 teams in top 5 and how many SEC teams? 'Nuff said.

Adrian said...

Wow Jeremy...maybe you should invest in an automatic- it might save you money in the long run.

The Future said...

You need an automatic! Of course, The Juice wouldn't know what to do with an automatic. You would still be shifting, which could cause even worse results!

And, oh yeah, Auburn is not the national champion! They didn't win either poll. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of driving in snow....not pretty or fun..and yes (I agree with Adrian and the other person)...get an automatic :P

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

Anonymous said...

I like the standard transmissions, too. One clutch for 180000 miles isn't bad. Good luck on your flight and have a happy birthday. And what's up with USC saying that they've won two national championships in a row? Last time I looked, last years trophy is in Baton Rouge.

kentbrantly said...

jeremy, i don't know if you go back and read comments on old blogs, but i have a request. i got a new rawlings baseball glove today and i was just wondering if you could write a blog on the importance and technique of good glove care. thanks.