Friday, January 14, 2005

Not On my team you're not

See heres the thing. me and randy moss just don't see eye to eye. Oh, you only play when you wanna play? then you aint. not for my team you're not. is it any coincidence that the vikings never go anywhere in the playoffs? ok so they beat the packers..big whoop. with the talent they have they should be in the super bowl. lets be honest. it takes heart to win the big one, somethin the vikings just aint got.

you can't defend him. you just can't. theres no way. people try to say "oh, theres a lot of worse things he can be doing. the fact is that he's a freak of nature (got that right)and he has amazing athletic ability. if you don't like him, then you're being racist." ok fine, theres worse things. but since when does that make it right. you keep defending wrong actions with other wrong actions, it just keeps going in a downward spiral.

lets take a look at the patriots. they play like a team. they don't have that one guy that carries the team. they are a team. the vikings aren't, and randy is they're first problem.

Bottom line is, the point of the game is to win a super bowl. and it just won't happen when you've got a star player that leaves the game early. thats ridiculous. like i've said in an earlier post, i don't care if you do funny celebrations. t.o with a pen is funny. mooning the crowd is offensive. don't do it. funny, but offensive.

ok thats all i got. i'm gonna try to do a little documentery of some type on my next trip. it all depends. we'll see. peace.



Chris Ewing said...

Agreed. I like a team like the Steelers who hit hard and have players like Jerome Bettis who after a 100yd+ day and 2tds said, "This is still Duce's team, I'm just filling in".

The Future said...

come on man. don't look as foolish as Joe "I only know baseball" Buck! If he had actually mooned the crowd, okay. But HE DIDN'T MOON THEM!!! It's like you didn't see it. He did nothing! He faked mooned them for a split second. Whoop-de-freakin'-doo! People act like he flipped them off or something. Then urinated on their grandma.

Oh, and it looks like you're being racist. HEHEHE!

Anonymous said...

Did you see this?
''Ain't nothing but 10 grand. What's 10 grand, to me?'' said Moss, whose salary this season is $5.75 million. He then jokingly suggested he might perform a more vulgar celebration next time.
It's not his actions that offend me so much as his attitude. I'm for anybody playing against the playoffs right now. Except for the Eagles. Hmmm...Can't they just both lose?