Thursday, January 20, 2005


The man is a beast. More specifically a bull. He has the heart of a Lion. The arm of....a rocket? He fears no man...

Cmon 'stros. give it to 'em. The Rocket Roger Clemens recently asked the astros for $22 million for him to play next season, which would make him the highest paid pitcher by $4 million. What do i think? I think he deserves it. Everyone's got an opinion, and it seems that most don't agree with me. But I'm adamant about this.

In an age when players are drug addicts, steroid users, and Randy Mosses, you're tellin me that you're gonna force Roger Clemens out of retirement? the man is a family guy, a team guy, and a FREAK OF NATURE on the diamond. He mentor's the teams younger pitchers. Hes out at 5am working out...every day. he talks to the media. he doesn't smart off to them. He's never shied away from walking a guy...why?? because he knows he can strike out the next batter on 3 pitches. the man could walk the bases loaded then strike out the side. He's 42 and still makes batters look silly. and you're gonna let him walk away??? the rocket pitched in front of packed houses at the Juice Box. he brings in the crowds. he brought the astros they're first playoff series win. GIVE THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS!!!

People say he's being selfish for waiting so long to decide if he still wants to play. Well its probably not an easy decision to give up a gam you've dedicated you're life too. and they say that he's selfish for asking so much money....well correct me if i'm wrong, but he played for well under the market value...

The astros did the right thing when they offered under what he was asking. thats fine. But in the end all i care about is that man wearing an astro uniform. if he settles for nothing less than 22...then by all means... LET'M HAVE IT...WITH NOOOOO PROBLEM!

as a post note, only people from the new orleans area will get that last line. so don't stay up to late trying to figure out that joke.



The Future said...

NOOOO, like N.O., New Orleans? I still don't get it. And I've been to N.O. 5 times. I practically live there.

Have you thought that Clemens is just pricing himself out of the market and doesn't actually want to play again? He already retired once. Maybe he wants to be retired, and is going to make the Astros look bad in the process. It will make it look like he still wanted to play, but it was the Astros fault he is not (they aren't going to pay him $22 million). And if they happen to give in, of course he'll play. He's $22 million richer. I just can't see that happening.

Anonymous said...

I do live in New Orleans, and I say that Clemens has to see the "special man" and maybe smoke a peace pipe cigar before he gets his deal. I say, I say, noooo problem. See you all in Chicago.

Chris Ewing said...

Pay him what he wants, pay him 23 million because the a 42yr old man still thrown 90mph and making young men look like little boys. He's earned for 22 seasons of playing the game the way it was meant to be played

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe the "special man" is still helping out so many folks! Makes me want to go bankrupt so I can see him with "Nooooo problem!" :) (Thanks for reminding me of the special man. I laughed and laughed when I read that!)
~ Renae

Anonymous said...

The Rocket [and, I'm afraid, you too] should go see The Special Man if he really thinks he's worth $22M. The only folks who deserve that kind of juice are soldiers, teachers, airline attendants, photographers and, perhaps, a lawyer I know. Maybe The Rocket thinks that he needs $22 large to be able to take one in the ear for the team.

Role Model?? How many role models do you know that pick up a broken bat and throw it at the batter trotting down the first-base line? Sorry, dude. Roger may have to get by on a few mill less this year. Maybe Latrell Sprewell can get him the number for the Houston foodstamps office.
Mr. A.