Sunday, January 09, 2005

So you've got a new baby....

aahh kent. i'm a bit dissapointed that you had to ask, but i'm excited that i get the opportunity to share the importance of a new glove. and i'm happy that theres a new member to you're family. Let me first explain the effect these things have on people. (for those of you confused on where this came from, check out the comment on my previous post...the one with comments)

most of you know this story, but freshman year in college, im playing intramural softball, theres a hard ground ball hit to me, it takes a bad hop, hits me directly in the eye, i'm knocked out cold, i'm brought to the hospital....blah blah blah, i'm alright, but i never saw that glove again. someone took it, and its gone. unfortunately it was my brothers...and to this day he asks me where it is. he can't get over it.

getting a new baseball glove is like having a child...(except for the shopping for it part...don't we wish, right? haha) but shopping for it is important. we agonize over the color, size, what position its meant for...ahh the pressure! but when you see it you know it. you can't get it out of your mind. and then you do anything to have it.

now you've got it. you take it out before bedtime and stare at it. caress it. sleep with it. when its stiff and not cooperating, you take it out and break it in. just like a child. hahah. umm yeah sorry. anyways, needless to say, it becomes a part of you. if someone wants to borrow it, you have to have strict criteria. is he trustworthy...will he lose it....will he make the inside all sweaty...its all important.

some of you may not understand all this, but these things stay with you for a long time. i still have my glove from my little league days. that good ole mizuno. perfect second baseman glove, especially for a guy with small hands like me. but he would go out of his way for me. i often played outfield, and he still performed. wow.

i could go on, but i wont, because i'm in san diego and i go home today, and i have in 10 mins.

so, kent, I hope this strange..wierd...and kinda creepy blog answers you're question of how important it is to take care of a new glove. pretty soon its going to become a part of you, and you can never let it go....or maybe thats just me. :)



kentbrantly said...

thanks, jeremy. i appreciate such a lengthy blog, especially considering the importance of the topic at hand (no pun intended). i asked for the blog not because i didn't know proper glove care is important, but simply because this stuff really is important, and i wanted to hear from an expert such as yourself. so thanks again for the reminder, and for the personal testimony. you can borrow my glove any time, pal.
hope you had a great birthday in san diego. peace out.

jch said...

Jeremy, I'll allow you grace concerning this post because of your inexperience and immaturity. The statement, "getting you a new baseball glove is like having a baby," will get you smacked around by even the calmest and laid back of mothers like my wife. Son, you speak of which you do not know. But again, grace is yours because you have absolutely no idea.

J-Wild said...

Jeremy, Jeremy, is good and well that you recieve grace, becuase your statements warrent a lot of it. Let me ask you something. Taking your analogy of a baseball glove being an equivalent to a is your child these days? I mean is it healthy, well adjusted, and used often. Or is it a latch key glove. Always at home by itself waiting for its 'parent' to come home and play with her. Is your 'child' at risk because of your neglect....I can't imagine that you have the time to properly devote to her while you are galavanting all over the country in your prestigous airplanes. Maybe the reason your brother lost his glove is because he wasn't paying attention to it and it had to be with her unskilled college aged uncle. Do you have a picture in your wallet of your baby? I think we would all love to hear about how much attention you give your glove. Hey with this analogy it should be easy for any girl out there to judge what kind of father you will be to a human right? :)