Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Was anyone else ill last night???

National Championship game....uuggghhhhh!!! i don't have tv, so last night i went on a search for a sports bar. i know i know, but you do what you gotta do. i found one just around the corner, i sat myself down on the corner in front of one of the 12 tvs, ordered some buffalo wings, and watched the first half then went home sick. i can't stand USC. the only good thing to come out of the game last night is that one of the 2 most overrated teams in the nation had to lose. its true.

i picked up the paper this morning and read nothing but "usc is undoubtedly the best team in the country" and how they could possibly win a 3rd straight National championship next year......WHOOAAA..back that train up. what was that??? lets be honest folks. they never won last year. ok they got screwed by the bcs..but thats the rules. and last time i checked we all had to follow the rules. if they won last year then auburn can go home self-proclaimed champs this year. am i wrong here?? ok so this is a debate from last year,we'll move on.

lets move on to who coulda whipped USC, Oklahoma, and auburn had they had the chance. yeah, i'm talkin about them...THOSE UTAH UTES!!! i watched those guys play saturday night and they are GOOD. i don't think they've had a close game all year!! hold on, let me check that last comment....yup, i'm righter than i thought!! check these scores out. its unreal. as a matter of fact, the national championship game shoulda been Utah vs Louisville. if not, they woulda put up a heck of a lot better show than we got last night.

if anyone thinks i'm wrong, by all means post a comment and tell me how you feel. but lets be honest, i'm right.



The Future said...

As much as I don't like to admit it, you are wrong about Auburn this year. Auburn was #2 in both polls, meaning USC was national champs in both. Last year they were legitimately a champion because they were #1 in the AP Poll. The BCS doesn't matter for national champion except for the Coaches Poll. The national champion is the winner of each poll. Since we have 2 polls, you can have a split.

Auburn can't claim anything until a poll lists them first. Ain't gonna happen when they can barely handle Virginia Tech 16-13, while USC wins 55-19. Come on.

Utah would beat em both, however.

Anonymous said...

you had too much to drink at the bar.

J-Wild said...

I am speechless...I want you to know that because of this latest post you are in the same category as Chris Ewing when he says that he would take Shawn Bradley over Kobe Bryant because Kobe is all show and he really sucks.

You must have an Ashlee Simpson hangover (what's with that crap about "I had to go to a bar...I know, I know gotta do what you have to do" That is not the first or last time you will darken the doorway of a bar my friend so don't pretend that watching the game in a sports bar was some sort of hardship or a new experience!)

The USC football team were men amongst boys last night. It was the fourth largest College Championship blowout in history ( download NCAA DIV1 record book and go to page 89 and 90). Oklahoma looked silly and the Utes would have too! Utah only beat no.19 Pittsburg by 28 points where as USC won by 36 points. I think USC could have beaten the Houston Texans last night with the way they played. Utah might be "GOOD!", but USC was dominating on defense, offense, and special teams. Good wouldn't even come close to competeing with greatness and that's what USC was last night. I can't believe that you would actually say a team from the "Mountain West" division would be better than a team from the PAC-10.

Besides the University of Texas could have beaten Utah...come on man have some athletic integrity!

dax said...

You must be kidding! USC is so much better it's not even funny.
Not to rub-it-in but, I like you choices of winning frachises. Hornets, Saints???

The Juice said...

*deeeeep breath*....aaaahhhhhhhh...feels good to have some controversey back in the hizzzouse!!! GO UTES!

kentbrantly said...
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kentbrantly said...

jeremy, you and i both know that college football is not my strong suit, but i looked at the link for the utah schedule - sure, they beat all of their opponents handily, but look who they played.... san diego state? and when was the last time UNC was known as a powerhouse in football? i mean, i was in north carolina when they beat miami this year, but still... i don't know if you are right or wrong, but you gotta consider the strength of a teams schedule, not just their record.

The Juice said...

hey kids, we all know that when we're comparing OU and USC, we're throwing strength of schedule out the window b/c neither of them played anyone. the only worthy opponent for usc was cal, and for OU was texas.

jch said...

Jeremy, saying that Utah could beat USC is as ridiculous as saying that you could beat me up. It's a laugh! Heck, why not throw Texas Tech into the mix. They handled Cal! You never know when that wide open offense is going to take off!

By the way, OU also played Tech who jumped up in the polls after their win and a hard A&M team that came within a pass of upsetting OU. OU had a hard schedule in a hard Big12 league.

And for the record, Jason saying that USC could have beaten the Texans is admitting that one of his arguments as for why pro is better than college is crap!