Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Zombie ate Anne

Ok so my pal anne, shes got this car thats completely rad. You've never seen anything like it. we should all dream of having this car. Its got everything you want in a car. Reliability. Ok so thats where it ends. I GOT NUTHIN. but its a good ride.

it is freakin cool. not the car, but anne. no seriously, but they are both really cool. Anne is cool for many reasons, one being that shes stuck with this really groovy car. we call it the Zombie. I think it has like 600,000 miles. and its built like a tank like they used to do them in the old days. thats when they built them right. back when a bumper was actually just that.....a bumper. you could run through a brick wall and she'd keep chuggin. (i'm assuming the Zombie is a she.) Anne has takin this thing through thick and thin, most notably to many many many third day concerts. im talkin cross country. this thing is a third day machine. thats all it knows. like me and baseball gloves. :) i'm impressed. everytime i call to see if we can meet up, i'm prepared to ask if i should pick her up. but it never happens. I really waiting to use that line as a pick-up line....and actually pick her up...literally.... cuz we're going to get married. or we were, until i learned that she doesn't like baseball, so there that goes. but she is a peyton manning fan and she DOES drive the zombie. i guess i could try to get over the whole baseball thing. we'll see. in the meantime, i just want to congratulate anne on being a cool person who sent me my birthday card in the mail even though i already saw it and for driving the zombie. :)

Your welcome anne



kenny said...

Man Jeremy, that post made ME blush and I don't even know Anne!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea thats right....did your birthday pass or is it coming up? Anyways Happy Birthday!

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

kentbrantly said...

now, jeremy, you know that i love anne just as much as you do, and it's only fitting that a blog be dedicated to her every now and then. but what exactly are you talking about you and anne getting married? did i miss something in nashvegas? is there more to this story than a birthday card?
until i get an update, let me just give a shout out to my friend anne, one of the coolest girls ever! on that, we agree.
oh, and happy late birthday. i wished you a happy birthday on an earlier comment. doesn't that count for something?

The Future said...


Chris Ewing said...

Maybe she can make you a glass of chocolate milk. Sad isn't even the word. The Juice is Loose? I don't think so. More like Lost In The Sauce. So no basedall? ok. where does she stand of the father/son catch issue? A important question if your marriage is going to last. but you...married? it's a man made prison, you're doing time. and forgot a quite dinner because you have to talk about your day. How was your day today? How was your day today? Snap out of i. remember, you can barely take care of yourself.