Friday, February 25, 2005

Dang..I need a woman and a Guitar

*disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with me not having a woman. Editorial purposes only....joe and jason. just about dang good music

Dang. I woke up this morning to some sweet tunes. well, except for that cell phone ring at 5:12 am saying that i had to be on airport standy at 7:15. i immediately turned on my ipod that was sweetly nestled in the donut of blissful music. It started playing a track from TJ McCloud's new cd "Kind of Life" that i recieved when i got home last night. What sweet sounds to wake up to.

Now i am friends with this tj mccloud (i think...right tj?) and id probably recommend you buy this cd whether it was good or not..but seriously, its really really good. On the train i was finishing off the cd, and i'm like "dang, lets go for another ride!" so i started it back over. its one of those.

it tactfully, artfully, beautifully , whatever other "fully's" you can think of, blends woman love songs with Jesus love songs, creating a musical world that makes me think that getting a woman or a guitar wouldn't be such a bad idea.

i especially love the song "kind of life" and "measure of love." they're...awesome..sorry creative descriptive words are hard to think of this early in the morning.

This cd is also good for jammin' too as you make macaroni and cheese and a side salad.

Go check out TJ's website, for even if you hate the music its quite the creative and eye pleasing site, plus it'll play some tracks for you to get a taste of some of the music. then just follow the links to buy the cd.

*i was not paid or blackmailed by TJ into writing this post. It was my own idea. i promise

Friday, February 18, 2005

For the Holiday Record

Ok so its been pointed out that i've been hating on a lot of things lately, especially holidays. So i just want to set the record straight that there are holidays that i enjoy....and still some others that im not so fond of. Lets begin. oh, and as a pre-note /disclaimer, i may miss a few holidays..well.honestly, i can't remember them all and i have no idea when they are. and forgive me if they are out of order. if you really care about that you have too much time on your hands.

New Years- Love it. not a fan of the ball dropping, not sure what it means (does anyone?? please let me know) but its a time of renewal, and lets be honest, we can all use a lil of that. Its a time you can reexamine whats happened over the past year, good and bad, and maybe make some changes for the next. but whats up with the list of people who've died over the past year?? Lets not dwell people...

my birthday- need i say more? yeah, you who missed it know who you are. don't come cryin' later for free flights.

groundhog day- you know

valentines day- i believe you all know too well...

mardi gras- can be fun, but only if you do the local family style mardi gras. if you go to bourbon you just end up wading around in other people's vomit. YES!! and this is when a lot of locals go skiing. so its a good holiday

i vote for a new holiday be put RIGHT HERE- beginning of baseball season. more on this later

easter- a big furry bunny dropping off huge chocolate bunnies at my door? swweeeet. oh, and the day the stone was rolled away from the grave. i think we can all agree on this one. cept for those bunny costumes...yikes

mothers and fathers day- much like valentines day..umm...MOM AND DAD THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!! I LOVE IT!! (send money???)

st patricks day- don't know much about it, but i hear its awesome here in chicago. ill get back to ya on that one. but can anyone back me up on that wearing green /pinching thing? i hated that growing up. just because i forget to wear a color i get hazed all day. most of the time i was being punished for the fact that my mom forgot to put out green for me. but i always played off a sliver of green on my shoe or something. uggh..bad memories.

april fools- depends on which side of the prank you're on.

memorial and veterans and labor days- good things that need to be remembered. i lump them all because quite frankly i can't tell the difference between the first two and ....well ...come to think of it , whats the point of labor day?? that i work?? we all work! well, not all of us. yeah i just realized that labor day is pointless. can anyone tell the top of they're head...when these holidays are?? no cheating.... i can't.

fourth of july- bottle rocket fights!!! need i say more? well, our independence is pretty rad too. and the grilling out.

halloween- free candy with razor blades in them? NICE. cept when your little and you can't figure out something good to wear. my favorite costume of all time? my dad once made me a sweet ninja turtle costume(that is not me in the pic) . awesome. good holiday

thanksgiving- eh. we celebrate family and friends. which is good. but the food is WAY overrated. why can't we just have burgers, steak, and salad? this is really whats holding thanksgiving back. turkey and dressing just ain't doin it for me, sorry. but really this is just a precursor to christmas. lets be honest.

aaaand christmas! the greatest holiday. birth of Jesus, free stuff, forced giving is always a little hard, but you can surprise a friend who doesn't expect a gift, with a gift, and you can't beat that look on someones face when they open a gift they ACTUALLY WANT. plus its cold outside...well...depending on where you are....

so there ya have it. see, i'm not so cynical!


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Expect the....expected???

hahaha. I love it. Predictibility. Go ahead and look at the past comments and you'll find a common theme. I even commented in ANTICIPATION of it..yet it still happened. We should call it the Joe and Jason Phenomenon.

Its like i'm not allowed to have an opinion. I just think they're haters. I make statements about love, kids, wives, whatever, and my comments are disregarded in an instant because i "havn't had certain experiences." Whatever. I think i'm a pretty observant person, and i like to draw conclusions on certain observations. So here's my rebuttal.

Last i checked, Joe and Jason, you havn't been to iraq, yet you're full of comments about the war.
You've never held office, yet you seem to have the answers to all these political questions.

I'm sure theres a million things that you've never done, yet your full of opinions on everything under the sun. I'm not sayin these things are bad, i just think I should have the same right. So next time you think i'm wrong about something, give me some real information with a good argument, not just an emebellished, "jeremy, you dont know"

In conclusion, i think you guys are great (sometimes) and I love ya, and keep the comments comming. they make me laugh. they also inspire me to make more outlandish comments.

Friday, February 11, 2005

You Can't Make Me...

Valentine's Day is a crock. Its a horrible day, and i'm starting the movement against it. Ok so maybe i didn't start it, but i'm joining and i have opinions on it.

First of all, St. Valentine, the supposed guy that put this whole dang thing together, ISN'T REAL. He's a legend, and from what i hear, the Catholic church went ahead and admitted that he's fraud. but thats not the point, because i can't find anything to back that up.

WHY DO I NEED A DAY TO SHOW PEOPLE I LOVE THEM??? Why must i be forced to compete with my friends???why must i be forced to go out and buy something and wonder "is this good enough????" Its a holiday created by women because the guys they were dating sucked. lets be honest people. How many girls are upset because they're valentine gift wasn't good enough? The nice ones fake it and say they like it anyways, but most kick you into the doghouse because you gave them chocolate because they think you want them fat., ...unles your my dad who has found the gift that never fails in making furniture and writing poems with pictures. anywho, valentine's day has started to backfire against the women. now, 75% of the female population sinks into a depression during valentines day because they are single...or on the what good is this holiday? i can't see any.

I'm expecting a dirty comment or two from joe and jason, so i'll go ahead and defend myself on this post. what good is it to go out of your way to be nice to people when its expected? I like to give out the love all during the year, not just on one day. i guess for most guys is a day for makeup, for all the days when they didn't do nice things. But i don't plan to have to fall into that trap.

And no, joe and jason, you may not think i know what i'm talking about since i'm not married and i don't have a girlfriend, but i think this can apply to friends and family too, not just significant others.

So what am i gonna do this valentines? No, i won't boycot it, because i have too many friends who will be all depressed because of this stupid holiday, and i can't let that happen, cuz i'd just be contributing to the mess that the holiday has made.


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Down with the Groundhog!!!!

Who needs a groundhog? I mean cmon, lets be honest. We rely on this wierd animal (what the heck is a ground hog anyways?) to tell us when the beginning of spring is going to be. Ok, first of all, no one believes it. No one actually thinks that the groundhog knows anything, except for the fact that some guy just drug it out of its home, kicking a screaming, because its freaking cold outside. So why do we do it? because we really don't know when the beginning of spring is. so we make it up and pawn it off on some poor defenseless animal.

But i have the answer. Thats right. I know when spring begins. the sure sign that spring has officially arrived. It all begins in 2 states: Florida and Arizona. thats right. its when the pitchers and catchers gather down there in the sunny states to start spring training. Its when the kids start headin' out to the sandlot to warm up the rusty arms. When the smell of worn in leather starts to fill the air.

It happened today. I broke out the old rawlings and headed out to the park with stormy to toss the ball around in the 55 degree weather. Spring is on its way people! ok ok, so its supposed to snow here in a few weeks, but still, its not that far away.

So after sunday we're going to hit the worst part of the year. the period between the super bowl and the start of baseball. and i'm talkin regular season, not spring training, because to watch a game you have to fly down to florida or arizona. i mean sure, we got march madness, which is pretty cool for a couple weeks, but other than that...nothing. at least this year we're spared the torment of the NHL.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sometimes life just comes up and...SLAPS YA!!

Life ever teach ya little lessons in really big ways?? Its like it just walks up to ya, you think that its gonna have you some candy or at least a pleasant conversation, or just a simple "hi", but instead it reaches back and just deals ya a nice one on the cheek?? and your embarrassed and in so much complete pain that you wanna bend over and HURL??

ok so that happened to me today. It was a good day. a great day. we were watchin home improvement on tv. i remembered that i had to pay some bills online. i get on, i log onto sprint, and ...there it was. the invoice popped up and...OH CRAP. a whopping $300. where'd it come from? no idea. who've i been talking to? ummm..i have no idea. i freaked. i couldn't speak. i nearly called for a bucket. but i dealt with it like i deal with most things like this. i laughed.

the next thing i did was log onto our employee website and i picked up a 2 day trip to help pay for it. i guess its one of the perks of the job.

so i guess a lot of it has been moving expenses: calling the cable people, gas people, and so on, all of whom like putting you on hold.

i told my roommates, we joked about it, and they gave me other cell phone stories that made me not feel so bad. i called sprint to get it all straigtened out. but bottom line is, i gotta bite the bullet and pay. okok so i did call good ole mom and dad to float me some..not all...that will be paid back asap. i hate asking mom and dad for money. but sometimes you have to be humbled. Life does that too ya sometimes.

Ya live, ya learn.