Friday, February 25, 2005

Dang..I need a woman and a Guitar

*disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with me not having a woman. Editorial purposes only....joe and jason. just about dang good music

Dang. I woke up this morning to some sweet tunes. well, except for that cell phone ring at 5:12 am saying that i had to be on airport standy at 7:15. i immediately turned on my ipod that was sweetly nestled in the donut of blissful music. It started playing a track from TJ McCloud's new cd "Kind of Life" that i recieved when i got home last night. What sweet sounds to wake up to.

Now i am friends with this tj mccloud (i think...right tj?) and id probably recommend you buy this cd whether it was good or not..but seriously, its really really good. On the train i was finishing off the cd, and i'm like "dang, lets go for another ride!" so i started it back over. its one of those.

it tactfully, artfully, beautifully , whatever other "fully's" you can think of, blends woman love songs with Jesus love songs, creating a musical world that makes me think that getting a woman or a guitar wouldn't be such a bad idea.

i especially love the song "kind of life" and "measure of love." they're...awesome..sorry creative descriptive words are hard to think of this early in the morning.

This cd is also good for jammin' too as you make macaroni and cheese and a side salad.

Go check out TJ's website, for even if you hate the music its quite the creative and eye pleasing site, plus it'll play some tracks for you to get a taste of some of the music. then just follow the links to buy the cd.

*i was not paid or blackmailed by TJ into writing this post. It was my own idea. i promise


The Future said...

Man, if you and Brown Sugar keep giving this kind of money to TJ, he'll be taking Holly to the Sizzler every night!

Speaking of which, I need to buy the CD. It came out around my birthday last year, why didn't I get it then? I guess I'm lazy.

Anonymous said...

Who would you say TJ is influenced by.....artist-wise....?

Lauren aka The Riot Girl

Shea said...

We can't wait to get TJs cd. We ordered it about a week ago... so it should be here any day now.

Lauren, I'm sure TJ would be happy to answer that personally for you.

Shea said...

Oh! I forgot to add.... when I read the title to your blog... I must admit, I thought I had clicked on Adam's blog. lol, JK!

tine said...

hey jeremy...matt and i happened on your blog off of TJ's actually! Isn't this little blogland fun?! well, it's been a long time since our trip to manchester...but we hope you are doing don't need a guitar, i seem to remember you getting plenty of attention from the ladies on our spring break campaign by just doing some sweet tumbling! matt and I live in fort worth now and we have a 7 month-old! can you believe that?! yeah, we can't either!

kenny said...

Way to live up to that DANG southern stereotype.

J-Wild said...

...but I do think a woman and a guitar would do you some good. I did listen to TJ's stuff after finding his comments on the infamous "Joe and Jason" post. He did say that he didn't think he liked us, but I didn't hold that against him when evaluating his stuff. And I must say that it was very good and I hope he can get a deal and find wider distribution. Although I would like to understand the drama with "Stephen Speaks", that might be a good "Guest" post for your sight.

So have you had any "close-calls" on the airplane yet (either crashing, getting beat up, picked up, fired, or grossed out). That would be an entertaining read.

Brown Sugar said...

man.....i ordered my cd the same time as you did jeremy, but i didn't get mine yet....probably cause you live in chicago where the awarehouse store is...anyway, i'm looking forward to it....i know a guitar payed off for TJ..(well holly probably like him for others reasons too).....anyway.....that's why i'm learning to play...i got some chords down, but i need to work on arranging them into music........i think i'm okay with lyrics....try this out for a lyrics on a country song- "I'm just cheatin' on myself when I'm not Cheatin' on you."....great lyrics! right?.....mostly i just want to be a good campfire guitar player...not cheesy campfire songs, but deep hearfelt and reflective musics....that's my goal....TJ Rocks!!

Anonymous said...

JJ, I'm going to buy the CD just because you recommended it. Take care & God bless. Bobby

Jennifer said...

After reading your blog (on Friday) I decided to buy TJ's cd too. Some of those songs take me back to my dorm room sophomore year.

tjmccloud said...

Thanks for all the mad props- jerm- you rule school.
i had fun putting the CD together- i hope it is worth your hard-flown money. Most of my songs are acutally written by "Future". we were roommates and he used to sing in his sleep- i ripped him off night after night. Just wanted to clear that up. TJ

The Future said...

I figured that had happened. Did you put me on the thank yous section of your album? You should at least blog about it man! I worked hard thinking of those songs.

Actually, the only think you guys said I said in my sleep, was one time I was taking a nap, and I sat up in bed and said to BC "I'm a pretty dancer." Or so he says.

That's where the song "Song for a Dancer" comes from. That was my inspiration. The song Inspiration, however, is another story completely...

TKP said...

Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy,

While I was in Connecticut this summer Sallie told me you were roommates and I thought that was pretty dang cool. Yes, you do need a woman. Ever consider mail-order brides? Oh, and be sure to ask TJ sometime about intro to world evangelization with the Van Rheenans. Ask him if he remembers the "Mighty Mouse" incident.

I'm not in Flying Cats anymore-too busy trying to graduate and all that. Stop by sometime and check out the blog!

Anonymous said...

yo jerm,
just wanted to say guatemala agrees with your assessment of tj's new CD. ok, so maybe all of guatemala hasn't heard it, but i'm in guatemala, and i like his stuff, so i'm sure everybody else here would too.
i just wish i had brought my copy with me... i hope whoever is driving my car at home right now is enjoying it as much as i did.
- kent <><