Saturday, February 05, 2005

Down with the Groundhog!!!!

Who needs a groundhog? I mean cmon, lets be honest. We rely on this wierd animal (what the heck is a ground hog anyways?) to tell us when the beginning of spring is going to be. Ok, first of all, no one believes it. No one actually thinks that the groundhog knows anything, except for the fact that some guy just drug it out of its home, kicking a screaming, because its freaking cold outside. So why do we do it? because we really don't know when the beginning of spring is. so we make it up and pawn it off on some poor defenseless animal.

But i have the answer. Thats right. I know when spring begins. the sure sign that spring has officially arrived. It all begins in 2 states: Florida and Arizona. thats right. its when the pitchers and catchers gather down there in the sunny states to start spring training. Its when the kids start headin' out to the sandlot to warm up the rusty arms. When the smell of worn in leather starts to fill the air.

It happened today. I broke out the old rawlings and headed out to the park with stormy to toss the ball around in the 55 degree weather. Spring is on its way people! ok ok, so its supposed to snow here in a few weeks, but still, its not that far away.

So after sunday we're going to hit the worst part of the year. the period between the super bowl and the start of baseball. and i'm talkin regular season, not spring training, because to watch a game you have to fly down to florida or arizona. i mean sure, we got march madness, which is pretty cool for a couple weeks, but other than that...nothing. at least this year we're spared the torment of the NHL.



jch said...

"march madness which is pretty cool"? Are you kidding? March Madness is the best sporting event there is! It doesn't get any better than that. You can take your steroid MLB babies and keep 'em. I'll take the Diaper Dandies and Super Sophs any day in March over those supposed Big Leaguers. The best part of the year is in March/April and I can't wait!

J-Wild said...

I can't believe I am going to say this....but I agree with Joe. You would be hard pressed to come up with a sporting event better than March Madness. It really is the ultimate and most everything falls way short of the glory, tension, and fun of March Madness. The only thing that would come close would be a close Superbowl, possibly a game 7 in the NBA or B-ball, but those are rare occurances. You can ALWAYS count on March Madness to be great every year.

The Future said...

So Jackson! Dude, you could live in Florida or Arizona for a few weeks this year! Find out how spring training is. Go!!! I bet you'd have a blast. I have heard cool things from people who have gone. Instead of living the week in Chicago, travel to a couple of towns in Florida. Awesome, BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure, football's over, and it's awhile before March Madness kicks in, but, if it's pure sporting drama you're looking for, breath-taking vistas, and players with not only incredible talent but who also demonstrate personal integrity [often calling penalties on themselves costing them thousands of dollars], look no further than the PGA Tour! These athletes [yes, athletes!] are paid only what they earn - no guaranteed contracts here! Cry-babies? Not here. Steroids? Ain't happening. Scandals? Can't think of one. Torry Pines, Pebble Beach, Augusta National, TPC Sawgrass, etc., what could be better? Check it out while you're snowbound for the next few months. Mr. A.