Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sometimes life just comes up and...SLAPS YA!!

Life ever teach ya little lessons in really big ways?? Its like it just walks up to ya, you think that its gonna have you some candy or at least a pleasant conversation, or just a simple "hi", but instead it reaches back and just deals ya a nice one on the cheek?? and your embarrassed and in so much complete pain that you wanna bend over and HURL??

ok so that happened to me today. It was a good day. a great day. we were watchin home improvement on tv. i remembered that i had to pay some bills online. i get on, i log onto sprint, and ...there it was. the invoice popped up and...OH CRAP. a whopping $300. where'd it come from? no idea. who've i been talking to? ummm..i have no idea. i freaked. i couldn't speak. i nearly called for a bucket. but i dealt with it like i deal with most things like this. i laughed.

the next thing i did was log onto our employee website and i picked up a 2 day trip to help pay for it. i guess its one of the perks of the job.

so i guess a lot of it has been moving expenses: calling the cable people, gas people, and so on, all of whom like putting you on hold.

i told my roommates, we joked about it, and they gave me other cell phone stories that made me not feel so bad. i called sprint to get it all straigtened out. but bottom line is, i gotta bite the bullet and pay. okok so i did call good ole mom and dad to float me some..not all...that will be paid back asap. i hate asking mom and dad for money. but sometimes you have to be humbled. Life does that too ya sometimes.

Ya live, ya learn.

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Anonymous said...

I think maybe you should be thankful that you have been given the chance to learn one of Life's BIG lessons in a LITTLE way. So the bill was what, $200-$250 max more than you were [or should have been] expecting? Some folks don't learn the lesson about bills always coming due eventually until they are in so far the only way out is bankruptcy. Get a budget. Stick to it. Save money. Live below your income level. Honor the Lord with your first and your best. I guarantee you'll be healthier [physically AND spiritually], happier, saner and RICHER than most of the population.
And no, this ain't yo'daddy talking, though Supa Ted would not argue with any of this "Old Fogey" advice.
Mr. A