Friday, March 04, 2005

I think i'm pathetic

Its day three. I can't really say i've done anything. Its not like i've never done nothing before. Yet, its strangely unfamiliar. My head hurts. I'm constantly hungry. I have no food. At least theres light at the end of the tunnell. And wierd that you spend all day with absolutely nothing to do and you know you have to go somewhere really late tonight and get up really early. its like christmas day where you have all day with nothing to do but dwell on the presents your gonna get the next morning...cept all i'm gettin is a big fat lump of cole. ok well maybe i can't say that, since i am going to do something fun tomorrow evening. but who looks ahead that far.The effects of boredom.

I recently posted how i was constantly busy, but all that has come to a screeching halt. Over the past three days, all that i've accomplished was a haircut. no seriously, thats it. I sat around wednesday, then i was on call for work on thursday, but they never called. at least i have an excuse for that day. then today i sat around...again. worst is, i really WASTED MY TIME. honestly. i started a project where i would go into my mvp baseball 2004 game and update all the rosters, which is a HUGE PROJECT. i spent ALL 12-7, sitting there toying around with it, then today from 1-4:30 doing the exact same thing. and guess what!!! i'm about to give up and just go buy the new version since its only 30 bucks. i always say i dont need the new one...but i always give in. for those who care, the problem is that theres rosters for major league, AAA, and AA. thats a whole lot of roster moves. plus you can't exit the game without everything being right to play. it won't let you. and if you let the computer finish it, babe ruth ends up playing right for the royals. dang.

i think zoolander will be a good movie for the evening.

tonight i have to pick up stormy from the airport at 1:10am (i was gonna play paper rock scissors with diedra for it, but she trumped me with the "who has to work tomorrow?")...fine.

but i'm off to salt lake city in the morning for a couple days for some more 'boardin, then work next week, then to tampa for some spring training next weekend.

Its like a prisoner whos been in jail for so long that when he gets released, he doesn't know how to handle it. ive been busy for so long, i don't know how to handle boredom. hopefully ill make it through the day. plus its dreary (imagine that..winter in chicago...dreary???)


TKP said...

I miss you man. Come visit. We can be all nostalgic about Flying Cats and all that and laugh at how I was never really good but you rocked at the shows, ha.

J-Wild said...

A little rest is never a bad thing so don't worry about it.