Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just Give it Time

It just clicked

Ok so I've always loved to ski. I'd only been skiing 6 or 7 times my entire life, but if there was one thing i could do every day, it would be ski. I love cold weather, I love snow, and I enjoy going fast. So it all makes sense, right?

So when it happened where I would be working for an airline where I can fly wherever i want, i got pretty excited about the idea of skiing ALL THE TIME. I didn't own my own ski's, and christmas was coming up (Santa does still come to visit me. I think he'll continue until i get married, so I think i'll enjoy the single life for a while :) ) so i did the natural thing and i ASKED FOR A SNOWBOARD. hmm..doesn't make much sense, but i did it. i'd never done it in my life. Snowbarding that is, not doing things that don't make sense. I do that all the time.

I learned in Salt Lake City at Snowbird. Tons of fresh powder. My brother taught me. Never took a lesson. I went 5 or 6 times on the bunny slope then forced myself up the mountain. I kinda slid down. the greens there could be blacks anywhere else. Not kidding. Lucky for me there was a lot of powder, cuz learning to snowboard does a number on your rear. Just ask Stormy. I fell a million times. I was there for about 2 days. (1 full day, 2 half days) The last day i wiped bad, laid there in the middle of the slope, and i couldn't lift my head. I was there at least 5 minutes.

Went to Wisconsin a week or so ago, and fell some more. not as much, cuz i rarely left the bunny, but when i didn't fall i wasn't going very fast. I did the back and forth thing.

So I went back to salt lake this past weekend. We were there for a full day. And crazy, somehow, it all just came together. This whole time i was going carefully down the mountain, now all of a sudden, our of nowhere, i was blazin' down the mountain, barely taking time to turn, with a few jumps in between. I'D NEVER JUMPED WHEN I SKIIED. I was going faster than i'd ever gone before. An older guy on the lift asked me how i was, i told him how excited i was that it had all just clicked. He was like "what, 3 or 4 days?" True. He said same thing happened to him. he was minutes away from quitting, he was so frustrated, but he faught through it, and it all just came together. Its truly amazing how it happens. You go from barely getting down the mountain without falling to going unbelievably fast, jumping everything down the mountain. i took a lift up to the top, the lift took 5 minutes, i made it down in 3. Never fell.

This is just an encouragement for all those who are going through the frustrations of trying to snowboard. One day, it'll all just click. Just give it time. and its a whole lot more fun than skiing.



Tidmore said...

Congrats! I"m glad it all clicked. I've never been good at skiing but at some point I would like to give snow boarding a try. I'd probably kill myself, but it would hopefully at least be fun doing it.

Tid out!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I'm glad you're clicking, I'm just jealous. I came so close to feeling when my knees gave out and I had to go home. I'll be back on the slopes another day and hope to catch up.
By the way, Santa is disappointed to know his generosity is influencing your love life.

kenny said...

Glad it clicked. I'm a skier myself - since I was a kid. Your story has a good life application as well - not giving up in the face of adversity. Well done!

Chad said...

yeah that is impressive but you are still a wee little man!!!!!!!!!!!

J-Wild said...

Great job jeremy. It is so important to get over that first hurdle of falling every five minutes. Now comes the fun (and dangerous part) pushing your skills to the brink of falling. Which no doubt will include falling, but judging from your experience so far it's not going to discourage you. Go for it!

By the way if you can ever get to go here be sure and take the opportunity. You will never experience any place more glorious for skiing. Trust me I know about this one!

The Future said...

Wow, whistler does look awesome!!! Too bad SW doesnt fly to BC.