Tuesday, April 05, 2005

For those who don't know

OKOKOK...i guess i could tell that story. I was going to, but i figured everyone had heard that one. so here we go...

My freshman year i was on an intramural softball team, and surprisingly we were dang good. We were smart too. We made teams pitch to us. we'd end up walking the bases loaded, then steven would hit a moon shot and we'd all score. one team was so mad at us because of that that they wouldn't say a prayer with us after the game...geez.

so championship game. I'm playin second, like i had all season. big James Henderson..who must have been 6'5" 350 lbs , a left hander, gets up. the time before he had squeezed the ball in-between me and first baseman. so i cheated over towards first. and whatdya know, he hits it in the exact same spot. well this is as far as i remember, but from references, the ball was smacked hard, i went over to field it, and it took a funny hop at the last second, and jumped up toward my face. i got my glove up in time, but the ball bounced off the top of my glove, and hit me square in the eye. apparently i stood for a split second, collapsed to my knees then hunched over on the ground. the next thing i remember, there were a few of my teammates crowded around me. i was asking which way the school was, cuz i knew where i was , just didn't have my bearings. i didn't get my bearings until later. apparently the other team kept circling the bases while i was unconcious. jerks.

i was rushed to the hospital. they asked me my social sec number, and i knew that b/c acu drills that into your head. i got to do the whole cat-scan thing . everything turned out normal. they confirmed that i had had a concussion. that night i had people waking me up every once in a while to make sure i didn't die. my face ballooned up. i was like an alien. but i do remember having girls be allowed to come up to my room to visit. my bible professor even came to visit and offered to let me take my final exam at a later date. melissa weaver (nieland) sent me flowers. i think i was even a prayer request in chapel. and from what i remember people telling me, they made it out to be worse than it was. they said i was still in the emergency room. that wasn't true. my teeth were sore so i couldn't eat solid foods. the doctor said i was lucky to be able to see out of my eye.

i used to have a picture of my alien face, but it has since dissappeared. not my face, the picture.

the worst thing is that i never found my glove. in my daze i had left it on the field. and it was my brothers. he still asks me about that to this day.


Tidmore said...

Yeah Jerm you looked pretty bad. But it was nice of them to let girls come up to our room that week.
I also remember we got home from the ER at like 2 in the morning and then Perry had to go across town to get your medicene filled and he didn't get back until like 4 so I had to slide him into chapel the next day cause he was sleepin.

The Future said...

Something else that disappeared was the video tape of this event. Jeremy left this part out of the story, since he wasn't concious enough to know about it.

So someone had a video camera, and they wanted me to video the game for them (I didn't join the BNB until the next season), and Houston Shearon and I are taking turns with it. For those of you who know Houston, he seemed to me to be a stand-up sort of guy, at least at the time!

When Jeremy got hit in the face, we recorded it. Then Houston decides we should go out on the field and record Jeremy on the ground, as he would laugh about it later on. We knew he wanted the footage. As soon as we hit 3rd base, the aforementioned James Henderson (big, big guy), came running after us to get off the field and to stop recording. The last thing you see on the camera is James running at us!! I wish I could find it again, funny stuff.

Of course, if he had allowed us, we would have gotten on the field and saved Jerm's glove.

The Juice said...

dang, i totally forgot about that video. i never even saw it. zach, work on that. lets do some research and find it. whos camera was it?

The Future said...

I want to say Brandon Phillips. I know we watched it in Bryan's room that night, and that's the last I saw of it. Bryan has it... ? I doubt it.

Tidmore said...

I dind't think Brandon had a video camera until much later.

Also I forgot I had James in a class the next morning and turned to him and said "So you're the guy who broke my roomates face?" kidding of course and he felt REALLY REALLY BAD.

Jeri said...

Jeremy, I vaguely remember this event, and I did see you around with a fat face. I guess this was before the "BOOM" incident, or was it? Do you remember that??

BSC said...

For some reason I recall watching a video of the incident repeatedly, perhaps in Zach's room...but somewhere. I recall whoever was working the VCR was using a lot of slow motion, which got a lot of "Ooooh's" from the crowd. It was rokken.

Anonymous said...

hey jerm!,

boy, do i remember that night, with everybody and their mom staying at the hospital. then for some reason the girls mommed me and made me go home in perry's truck, but then i ended up bringin' hartnagle out there. we were pretty worried about you for a while. i recall your fat face-and-a-half in beautiful shades of purple. that was about the time that i really started hangin' out with you guys. good times. great memories (not for you, unfortunately).

in Christ,

Kyle said...

I don't know you guys (since I got your link from Christine Pinson I'm assuming your a couple of years younger than me?) But some of my foundest ACU memories were of the Hendrix Emergency room. Once H.R. Bradford and I were hanging out at 2 a.m. in Maybe dorm. He had fallen down some stairs earlier, and hurt his wrist. Since we were bored we decided that we ought to have it checked out at the ER. Ryan English and I helped get permission to leave at 2am and we spent the next three hours in the ER. The night shift, I must say, were some true characters, including a nurse who claimed to hate people and had his windows painted black so he could sleep in the daytime. But we warmed him up to us and before long we were all buddies.