Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm Not Kidding....

So tonight was wild. crazy. no fun.

I went snowboarding about a week ago. when i arrived back in Chicago, my board didn't show up. Yes, my airline lost my bag. It happens. I didn't need it immediately, but they found it and called me at 1:30 am the next morning. I told them that I had to go to work in the next couple days, and I would pick it up on my way out. That night was tonight...

I landed from my trip, went down to baggage services, where i claimed my snowboard. whew. my baby was back in my hands. (for those of you who don't know, its about $650 worth of equipment). I went outside and caught the employee shuttle out to the parking lot , which is about a mile down the road. I get dropped off, go to my car, start putting my bags in my car when i realize my snowboard wasn't there. I had left it in the bus. Oops. Usually it just parks at the lot and waits for the next time to leave.

I jumped in my car and raced over to where the buses wait. no one was in the bus, and my bag was not there. i ask a couple of guys, who tell me no bus had come. it must have gone back to the airport....

i book it out of the lot, see a bus driving down the road, and tail it. i get close, pull up next to it, and i see my board in the bus. so i follow it all the way back to the airport, pull up behind it (we're at the departures part of the airport) and run in the snowboard. must have been my imagination. i tell the driver, who tells me that that bus must be downstairs(arrivals) i jump back in my car, circle the airport, pull up to the place where you pick up people, turn my car off, turn the hazards on, and jump out, racing across the street and jumping on the bus that usually takes us to our lot. no snowboard. i tell the lady, who radio's in and tells them that i lost my bag. she tells me that i better go check on my car, cuz those cops out there are nazi's about not parking there. i run back, only to find them giving me a ticket.

i begin telling the lady what was going on, and she says its too late, shes already writing the ticket. theres nothing i can do. and this lady was downright MEAN. at this point i could care less about the ticket. i just don't know what to do, where to put my car. i just want my snowboard back. i don't have time to go to a lot. if i leave it they'll tow it. i explain my situation. she doesn't care. "its your problem" she says. dang it. she won't give me any ideas about what to do. she thinks i'm still trying to get out of a ticket. this lady is ruthless. and she keeps telling me that me being an employee that i should know better. this is all true, but i was in no position to be thinking rationally here. another parking person comes over, calmly apologizes, says the lady is new and not very compassionate, and tells me to go park over in the daily lot, and walk down back to the southwest baggage service, and tell them what happened. so thats what i do. i get down to baggage service (mind you, this is where i just claimed my snowboard) and i tell them what happened. they couldn't believe it. they know me by name at this point. she says "Jeremy, you just need to go home." I'm like "now without my snowboard i'm not."

so they call the shuttle bus place for me, i sit on the phone with a really nice lady who is yelling in the background as drivers pull up to see if theres a snowboard on board. nope. nothing. she keeps trying. "HEY! IS THERE A BAG ON YO BUS?? NO?? OK!!" 5-10 mins later, she says "theres another bus here. i'm gonna go check myself. call back in 5 mins." so i hang around, and call back. "I've got it" she says. whew. i thanked her and asked if she wanted anything to eat. i was willing to bring her dinner. she turned it down.

at that moment, who walked in but the evil lady who gave me a ticket. i said "well look who it is!" she looks at me and ..get this.. apologizes. she said she was so sorry and that if she knew i was an employee she would have understood. but when she found my car with no one in it (i was gone a max of 1 minute) she asked whos it was. people around just said that the person had run across the street. she was in no position to let that car sit there. i understood. she even gave me directions to the shuttle bus place. i told her i was gonna write in and contest it, and she thinks i'll be able to get out of it.

so i drove to this lot of buses, go inside, where i see the nice lady that helped me out. i gave her a big hug, (and its these times i wish i could give out free southwest tickets)...and thanked her. I took my snowboard...and i'm glad to say shes safe and sound in my room at this moment.


kenny said...

Great story Jeremy... but it's not like you lost a pair of skis or something important like that. Just a snowboard. LOL hahaha

Kate said...

UGH! I hate days like that! You gotta love how there's always one person who takes pity on you, takes the matter into her own hands, and in doing so redeems the human race in your mind.
One day, I'll have to tell you my NYC road-rage story - needless to say, the redeeming person was the kindest, wisest cabbie I've ever driven with in my life.
LOVED your story! Glad it had a happy ending.