Friday, April 15, 2005


First, just a few feelings i'd like to share....

-Sheff, thanks for holdin' back. You had every right to deck that guy. I'm really getting sick and tired of stupid drunk fans getting involved, which usually ends up having a player get fed up and end up getting suspended. That fan should be gone for the season. These people aren't baseball fans...they're hoodlums.

-After reading a little more of "a people's history of the u.s." i'm coming to realize that our little war over there is more about business and oil. Some people are probably ticked about this. I just think we're takin' care of two birds with one stone.

Smokers. Why? Thats the question. Is it cool? I guess thats how it starts. Cuz other than that theres no reason to start. Then you get addicted and what not. To each his own, right?

NO. I hate smokers. They're always in the way. They contribute nuthin' to society. Just a nuisence. YEAH. thats right. if you're reading this and you smoke, i think your a pain in the rear end of society. Why? Cmon. You stink everything up. I can't go to bowling alleys because of you. Or Bingo Halls...Or sometimes restaurants. It's pathetic. How can you sit in that little room in the airport and soak up toxic air? What is so appealing about that? Then we have to sit around and wait on people who need a smoke...yesterday we had a through flight. we came from san diego, stopped in baltimore,(long way..i know) and we had a few stay on and continue on with us to providence, r.i. i'm tryin' to count everyone thats staying on to make sure we have a right count, and this guy asks me if he can go smoke. OOOHHH...LETS HOLD THE PLANE! THIS GUY NEEDS TO STEP OFF AND HAVE A SMOKE. I DONT THINK ANYONE WILL MIND. SURE SIR, DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO. AND YOU CAN COME BACK AND STINK UP THE WHOLE PLANE. ya know what?? you might as well just sit right here in the seat and light up, cuz we're all gonna smell it anyways when ya get back.

and no, ur cologne won't cover it up.

course i didn't say this. but i thought it. with a smile on my i told him to kindly sit back in his seat and hang tight for a sec.

And thats pretty much all I have to say about that. (take a deep breath, jeremy.)




Brown Sugar said...

your totally right jeremy...smokers take up time..they also do half the work they are capable of doing cause they have to quit and smoke every 15 minutes....anyway, can't wait to see's gonna rock!

teresefaye said...

jerm... i am trying this...

J-Wild said...

Smoking is an addiction that starts with a choice. People are crazy to think that they can take in smoke to their lungs and have it not affect them. I mean 444,000 people die every year from tabacco.

You asked "Why" to smokers, well it's because most of them don't have a choice anymore. It's taken over, and if they were honest with themselves they can't quit without help. Compassion can go a long way to helping those who want to stop killing themselves.

Of course there is a whole different direction to go here. I mean the govenment made 15 billion in tax revenue off of cigaretts ten years ago...who knows what it is now (site).

Jennifer said...

Move back to NY and you don't have to worry about smoking in Bowling Alleys, Bingo Halls, Restaurants, or even bars. You just have to maneuver past them while you are walking down the street.

Kate said...

My dad finally quit smoking cold turkey when my mom was pregnant with me. I know it wasn't that easy for him because he had promised to quit when they got married - and I was born 4 years after that. He kept me from smoking by saying, "Why try it - you might like it."
I realize not every smoker can quit cold turkey - and J-Wild is right that we need to be more compassionate to those who are trying to quit. I think NY is helping those who really do want to quit.