Friday, April 22, 2005

What do do...and What not to do...

alright, for all you flyers out there...heres some tips to keep flight attendants happy...and other passengers happy....and having a better flight.

-yesterday i had to settle an argument between two men because one guy was "taking up all the armrest." are you kidding??? cmon', lets act like adults here. and yes, i had to seperate them.

-the seatback pocket is NOT YOUR PERSONAL TRASH CAN. you can put stuff in there. thats fine. thats what its for. but for cryin out loud don't leave it. be responsible.
-after takeoff, the seatbelt sign is on...just stay seated until its off. i know ya gotta go to the bathroom, but unless your 'bout to leak all over yourself (i'm not cleanin' it up) just hang tight. its the rulz. i don't make'm. but YOU can be personally fined for breaking them. like $1,000 bucks. i'm not kidding. :) FAA is pretty ruthless.
-ok listen, theres a 2 bag goes up above, one below. DON'T walk on the plane with 2 HUGE carryons. then u get mad when theres no room and we have to check them. or you take up all the space and we have to check someone elses. then the flights delayed. boeing makes the planes, they put all the space they can up there. and we all have to share...ok?? oh, and please don't try to squeeze your rollerbag under the seat and hope we don't see it. it doesn't fit. and we will see it. oh, and you can get fined for that, too.

-during the announcements at the beginning, don't wear ur earphones. i dont care if you pay attention, but i dont' feel like havin' to tell you that you can't have ur ipod on, then you smart off and say "uhh, its not on." well if you have ur headphones on, then ur askin' to be harrassed.

-don't order 2 drinks at once. (yesterday i had 3 guys order 5 jack daniels', and 2 waters.) you can get more later. we are more than happy to do that. just lemme get everyone else's first.

-Control your kids. i know its hard sometimes, but i've just seen too many parents let their kids run wild while parents do nothing. they ask us...yes. they ask US, to tell their kids to put their seatbelts on.

-last of all, just listen to our announcements. we pretty much tell ya everything you need to know. except for "what lake that is over there." (a guy told me if anyone asks me, then just tell them my middle name. for instance, "oh, thats Lee lake!!!" haha. people never know the difference, its actually quite amusing.

These are just a few occurrences that i see DAILY. I don't mean to complain, i just wanna help everyone out. i just laugh everytime. i look at this list and i think its common curtosy. its just amazing what people do. I love all my passengers and i'll always have a smile on my face, but...are you kidding????

and just a heads up, if you commit one of these crimes and we correct you, and we are accidentily rude (i've done it a couple we really don't mean to be, its just hard to have to nag EVERYONE about this stuff all the time and not get frustrated and come off as rude.



Malaysian Debster said...

Jeremy...are you going on one of your tangents again??? =)

Kate said...

"It's just hard to have to nag everyone about this stuff all the time" - sound like a teacher...and a least one that keeps control of his kids =)

kenny said...

Thanks for the tips Jeremy. I'll be flying twice in the coming weeks (not your airline, sorry) and will confess to leaving trash in the seat back pocket in front of me :) I'm pretty innocent of the rest of your charges though.

Adrian said...

Jeremy- I had the worst flight of my life yesterday when I got my contecting flight from Salt Lake City to New York. I left my trash to defy Delta and their horribleness (But I would never think to do that on a Southwest flight). Lets just say that I totally agree with your comments on terrible parenting on the plane. The family in front of me with their 2 screaming babies allowed their 6 year old daughter to sing constantly for the last 2 hours of our trip. If I had to hear Feliz Navidad (yes, the Christmas song) one more time I was going to put her in the overhead---BUT OH WAIT--- Her parents and their 15 carry-ons were occuping them all! Plus there was a group of Mormon Drama Students from BYU sitting behind us that got a bit "theatrical" during the turbulence. But on another note I was looking for you at the Boise Airport since the Delta gate was right next to Southwest. Anyway- sorry again for leaving my trash.

The Future said...

I don't buy it. I ALWAYS order 2 drinks at the same time. Sometimes they mix them themselves, sometimes they just give me 2 cans. Ginger Ale and Cranberry Juice- a finer drink on an airplane has never been made!! It helps the flight soo much, and I have every right to request and have it.