Friday, April 29, 2005

While I was Sleeping

For starters, I'm tired of basketball taking up espn top plays. I'm sorry. All they do is dunk. Its like putting home runs on there. sure, its cool, but geez it happens 400 times a game, everyone "postarizing" each other. i just don't care anymore. Lets see some passing or something people. I just feel like dunking is cheap entertainment.

I have officially joined a softball team here in chicago. tuesday nights. competitive league. i havn't even met any of my teammates yet. we play this tuesday night. should be fun.

Strange things happen when i sleep. Its unexplained because, well, i'm sleeping. I think i might be possessed. If anyone has a video camera, i'd like to use it to see what i do. Everyone whos slept in the same room as me lately, they say i talk. not like every once in a while, but every night. My roommate Da'rrow, says he hears me through the walls. He laughs then goes back to sleep.

Ok well thats normal, right? ok maybe not, but a lot of people do it. my pal cherie claims to do it too.

But every night i'll go to bed, all tucked in with a sheet, electric blanket (not plugged in, i'd overheat if i did that) and a down comforter. (you also have to remember i'm in the basement. its quite cool down there) And every morning i wake up with the sheet pulled up to where the entire thing is around my neck. all the other covers are mangled, but the sheet is completely pulled up. I wish I knew what I did during the night. My parents used to say that i kick like a mule in my sleep, but this whole sheet thing is new, but consistent. I don't understand. I sleep like a log. I don't usually wake up in the middle of the night, but while i am asleep, strange things are going on. I'M GOIN' CRAZY OVER HERE



Tidmore said...

As an old roomate I can say I don't remember any of that. Of course I'm a pretty hard sleeper myself (except when it comes to alarms that have a low volume, high pitch peeping sound)

LoriLoo310 said...

Apparently we have the same problem. Just ask Brandon, I'm sure he has some comments on my aggressive sleeping patterns.

Malaysian Debster said...

Hmm...I believe this is a question best answered by your wife, or future wife. So remember to include this in your blog later down the line after you get married, ok? =)

kentbrantly said...

i have no idea what you do in your sleep. just wanted to let you know i am marking your words. i'll be home june 1. anytime after june 12 - come on down. or maybe i should come up for a cub's game. then again, we do have the AAA indianapolis indians...