Monday, April 11, 2005

Why Baseball Still Rules

My list of reasons why Baseball is still The National Pastime...And the Best Game

-You dont have to be of a certain physical specimen to play...see David Eckstein

-It doesn't resort to violence as the main form of entertainment...see football and hockey

-Everybody gets a chance to step up to the plate,instead of having a "team" consist of 2 or 3 players...see football and basketball

-You don't have to be in shape

-It was invented right here in the U.S. of A.

-There's about 70 free souveniers per game

-Coaches get to wear uniforms

-I'm willing to bet that kids who play baseball are less prone to ADD (more of a patient game, instead of the keyshawn and iverson "gimme the dang"

-We get dugouts

-You can flex your muscles for the ladies in the on-deck circle

-We call Umps "Blue" and they like it

-You can play in the game in all parts of the country...see Hockey

-Keeping the box score

-Flip Up shades

-Fields have designs carved in them

-History...lemme repeat that...HISTORY

-5 Senses: Pop of the glove, smell of leather, taste of dirt when you slide headfirst, taste of leather glove, sight of a freshly groomed ballpark, taste of the ballpark hotdog, sunshine in your eyes, feeling when the ball hits the sweet part of the bat, feeling in your gut when you try to steal , the crack of the bat...

-Infield Chatter

-Best father/son...ookokko..and/or in sports

-Catchers gear is really cool

-The Squeeze play

-Coach-Umpire shouting match

-Every team gets a bucket of sunflower seeds...mandatory

-Big-League Chew

-the Bad News Bears

-In little league, the Ump asks mom for the score

-"play ball" means baseball, not football or basketball

I'm sure theres tons more...i'll add more if i have to, but right now i'm going to a Cubs game. lata


*And the list keeps growing...

-Only 260 Hall of Famers since the 1860s

-Minor League Ball...where players genuinly care, ride buses between towns...and you can take a date to on a small budget.

-"LETS PLAY TWO!" - Doubleheaders


Chris Ewing said...

i never thought i'd say this, but...well done J.

thanks for taking a stand for the game. The game that is before all others.

i'm sure some jackass is going to post reasons why baseball doesn't rule, but as Jeremy has shown you can't argue with the truth.

I might add that the baseball of fame is only anyone cares about. The Reds date back to 1869. The National League was formed in 1876 and since that time only 260 players have been inducted.

As for 20th century sports like football who have already let 258 players in and basketball has already let 229 players in.

You can see that baseball just doesn't let anyone in and like Jeremy said it is another reason why baseball still rules.

BSC said...

You know, I agree that baseball is a great game. But the best part of baseball is minor league ball. No other sport really has that - places where guys ride buses to games (or *gasp* fly commercial) and genuinely care about their perforance on the field. And minor league baseball is the only sport you can take a date to, even if she isn't into sports, that she'll enjoy and won't break your bank account.

Especially if you have Thirsty Thursdays (aka $1 beer night) like the Jazz's little brother, the Salt Lake Stingers - AAA Affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the Western United States of...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy...I understand your myriad of great points, but I have to add that in Costa Rica when they say are you going to 'play bola' the implication is never baseball.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy...I understand your myriad of great points, but I have to add that in Costa Rica when they say are you going to 'play bola' the implication is never baseball.

Chris Ewing said...

double headers (let's play two)

Mr. A. said...

You are right in many ways about baseball. Unfortunately, the Big Leagues are hurting the sport: too many prima donnas, too much money, too much juice, too many brawls [no, its not just a part of the game for a pitcher to deliberately hit a batter, even if the previous batter just took him into the cheap seats], etc. And just think of all the asteriks they're going to have to put on the records of the modern day hitters who achieved their status with unnatural help.

Kyle said...

Well said, sir, you are a true American gentleman.

I love baseball, and like yourself, the Houston Astros.

As the last poster stated there are many problems with the state of Major League Baseball, with all the roids and money hungry owners and agents and players, (though I blame the players to a much less extent.)

But among other things, nothing gets my blood boiling and the passion stirring in me like a trip to the ballpark. Strategy, determination, grit, teamwork, coordination, the double play turn, curveball... the list as you said, goes on.

It's the 'Stros turn!