Saturday, May 28, 2005

She Bangs! She Bangs!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr William Hung

I’ll admit, I’m a bit embarrassed about this celebrity sighting. I feel like I’m just adding to it. But I’m just looking out for myself, cuz this could get me in the next issue of Luvlines, our newsletter. They publish pics of flight attendants with celebrities.

I first spotted him, not exactly sure if that was him. But as I’m standing there in the middle of the plane during boarding, passengers around started commenting and said that it was him. I told my co-worker, also named Jeremy, and he didn’t believe me. He didn’t think it was him. I think he looked a little too fat. But as I’m in the back with Rico, lo and behold he and his dad come back and he goes to the bathroom. Rico was like “Yup, that’s him no doubt.” We ask his dad if he would mind taking a picture with us, and he said he wouldn’t mind. So later in the flight, after everything is done, I walk up to Mr. Hung, and ask if he’d mind. He says that we need to come to him, in the middle of the plane. WHAT? What are we supposed to do, sit in his lap? Is he too much of a celebrity to walk to the back of the plane for a simple picture? I mean if he doesn’t want to take one then fine. Won’t ruin my day, but geez, to make us come to him. I’m not sure he understood that that would attract more attention. But I told him we couldn’t do that, and he agreed to come to the back of the plane.

So there ya have it. My first “Celebrity” sighting. I’ll admit, I’m hopin’ for better. I’ve seen other pics with people such as Cal Ripken, Jr.

But I guess I have to start from the bottom, right?


Monday, May 23, 2005

Fessin' Up

"If you feel like eating, eat. Let your body tell you what it wants."
- Joan Benoit Samuelson

I'm a competitive human being. You challenge me, I'll probably take it. I love hittin' the diamond against another team. I loved playing intramural sports in college. Most sports, whether I'm good at it or not, i enjoy playing (this does not include rugby, which i have no respect for) just for the pure competition. I hate running.

WHAT?? I'm sure your asking yourself if you read that correctly. I took off this morning in dallas for a little jog, ran around a while, came back, walked into josue and debbie's apartment, and said "I hate running."

I ran track in high school. I loved it. I loved the meets. I loved the adrenilene flowing through me. I felt alive. But i hated practice. It all just seemed so pointless. Until i got to the meet, then it was all worthwhile, but the next day it would all start over again. day after day, running in circles.

It all just seems so pointless. Sure, it keeps me in shape, but theres so much other stuff i actually enjoy doing that keeps me in shape. Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Baseball, Football, hamburgers, coca cola, FOOD for cryin' out loud (you have to remember i need to keep my weight up)

Its worse when you have no running partner. I get bored. I just wanna go home when i'm running.

So yeah, i've had it. Like the quote at the beginning, I'll let my body tell me what it wants (i'm keepin' this to athletic endeavors and such, don't extend this to anything else) So there it is. Its out there. You'll take it, you'll eat it, and you'll like it.


Sunday, May 22, 2005


Sorry I havn't been able to post recently. Its not like me. But i've been stuck in the 100 degree WASTELAND that is Dallas, tX, visiting some of my friends who, for some odd reason, don't have high speed internet. But i'll post again as soon as i get the chance. in the meantime, ill drop a hint that i met someone very special on my flight recently. stay tuned...


Sunday, May 15, 2005

And Now Batting...

So not too long ago I started playing MVP Baseball 2004 with my own made up team, which consisted of my friends. I was playing today and I thought it would be a good idea to keep everyone updated on how his virtual-persona is doing. It’s a different kind of fantasy baseball. I’ll try to update it on the bar on the right, so everyone can check back and see how the team is faring. So far, we’re posting a 12-11 record (got off to a slow start), but we’re on a 3-game win streak. I made everyone as real as possible, as far as weight and height go. So we’re all a lot shorter than the other teams. As for skill…lets just say everyone is having a career year. Now on to the team. I tried to copy this pretty much as close as possible to who was on the bad news bears team back in the day. I chose us to be the Chicago White Sox. I chose the AL because I could have more friends/virtual persona’s on the team, and because they have those sweet 1919 uniforms. Heres the lineup. This is also the batting order:

-CF Jeremy Jackson (that’s me!!) I’m tiny, but I got speed to burn. I can pretty much bunt a single whenever I want.

-SS John Lewis- classic 2-hole man..decent speed and contact, has a spectacular glove at short. He’s got more power than I expected.

-LF- Josue Villareal- What can I say, he’s Mexican. He got off to a hot start, but lately he’s been in a slump. But he delivers when needed.

-1b/DH Brock Cloutier- Too much power for his own good.

-1b/DH Chris Ewing- a pal of mine from camp, he brings a lefty bat into the lineup. And lots of pop. And some attitude.

-3B Stephen Thomason- He’s a freak. Strong arm at third, and can knock the mess out of the ball.

-RF Zach Nieland- Strong arm in the outfield, a bit streaky of a hitter. Tends to trip a lot out in the field. J j/k

-C Cody McCain- you’ve never met a better defensive catcher. He’s an animal back there. As for hitting, lets just say he’s there for the defense.

-Utility-Man Kevin Hackett- Can play wherever, and its funny to watch a lefty turn-two.

-2b Adam Brown- has good pop for being at the bottom, and has great speed. Unfortunately, he separated his shoulder and just came off the DL.

If you have a specific number you want to be, let me know. If for some reason people fight over numbers, whoever performs on the diamond gets the number.

Our pitchers are real players, so if anyone would like to signup to be a pitcher, let me know.

Oh, and last thing, I am playing on the hardest level, that’s why our stats are not outrageously inflated.


Friday, May 13, 2005

Too Many Options

Ok so if you don't know me, I'm one of those people who, whether I admit it or not, is always looking for the perfect place to live. I am fully aware that the perfect place doesn't exist...its figmant of imaginations. Everywhere you go, theres going to be something you don't like about it. Kristi just recently sent me a website that asks you about all your preferences and then lists the top 24 places you should live. I'm definitely a mountain/cold/outdoorsy kind of guy, so i really wasn't surprised to see my list. Here it is:

1 anchorage, alaska
2 spokane, washington
3 tacoma, wa
4 fort collins, co
5 provo-orem, utah
6 kent, wa
7 olympa, wa
8 ogden, ut
9 idaho falls, id
10 ketchikan, alaska (i've actually been there...kinda)
11 albany, ny
12 bellingham, wa
13 seattle, wa
14 seward, alaska
15 duluth, minnesota
16 harrisburg, pa (random, i know)
17 grand rapids, michigan
18 leavenworth, wa
19 asheville, nc
20 roanoke, va
21 carlisle, pa
22 ann arbor, michigan
23 salt lake city, ut
24 they didn't give me a 24 for some reason. but i'm gonna go with portland, or. :)

so as you see, they think i should move to washington. doesn't really matter where, but to washington.

Now heres the problem...I've been blessed to have a job where most of these are completely possible. i could move in a week to 80% of these places and make it work with the job. (some may take a little more work than others) but will i be just searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? will it be a fruitless search for the perfect place that doesn't exist?? should i just throw it all to the wind and move to...*cough *gag *vomit...dallas and my pals? or is it just a matter of time before everyone there goes they're seperate ways anyways? should i find the place i really enjoy and re-settle myself?

its almost like it would be easier just to not have an option.

to get your own list, heres the sit:


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mothers Day Debacle

Ok i wasn't going to post this cuz its too bad, but what the heck. its also pretty amusing.

So on mothers day i tried to go home. The thing about my flight priviledges is that if the flight is booked, i can't get on. So i checked the flights and getting to new orleans was no problem. getting back was the issue. there was at least one leg that was booked solid. Any other day i might have tried it, but this way. i HAD to be back on monday for a test prep thing for my 5 month exam on tuesday.

So i decided to stay home and not risk it. Not liking the idea of sitting around all day sunday, i started surfing to see who was playing baseball. i could easily get to cleveland, detroit, any of those teams and get back..providing flights were open. they weren't playing, but the diamondbacks were. we have about 10 non-stops/day back and forth to arizona, and flights were wide open. so i thought, what the hey.

I got up the next day, drove to the airport early, called my mom to wish her happy mothers day, (her present to come later) and took off for arizona. i get there, almost 4 hrs later, just in time for the game. i take a bus to the park which isn't far from the airport, get my ticket, and sit down in my seat. I called my mom to tell her what i was doing because, i did feel a tad guilty even though there was no reason too. i felt like if i couldn't see my mom i should be at home doing nothing.

i thought she would understand..but then she told me that she was upset that i could go to arizona, but i couldn't come see her. ouch. i felt horrible. i told her i felt bad and she says "well, you should!!" then she said "jeremy, go watch ur game, ill talk to ya later." this isn't good. then she said she wasn't mad, then we hung up. of course im just riddled with guilt. theres no way i could sit and enjoy a baseball game with this guilt. soo...i did what no other human being would do.

I left. i got up, walked out of the ballpark, and WALKED all the way back to the airport, a good 5 miles in the desert. i left a message on my moms phone to tell her how sorry i was. i had just upset my mom on mothers day.

after i get to the airport i realized i had a missed call, and it was my mom. she left a message and this is somewhat how it went:

"Jeremy, that is the most ridiculous thing i'd ever heard. If you get this in time you better get back to that ballgame!! I'm not mad!!!"

I called back, said it was already too late. She kind of harrassed me for being such a softy.

But it all worked out. The lady who got me this job with southwest, who used to work in ticketing in new orleans, who now just went inflight, actually was working my flight back to chicago, now that i was taking an earlier flight back home. it was good to see her and it didn't feel like that much of a wasted trip. Oh well.

Next time my mom needs to make sure I know that shes not mad. Who knows what i'll do.

Sorry MOM! Happy Mothers day!!!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Changing Face of ESPN

Move over

I used to love this guy. If he wasn’t anchoring sportscenter that night, I actually considered changing the channel. Not that I actually did, but the thought crossed my mind. He had all these funny quotes that cracked me up. He was intense, motivated…and….funny. I think I mentioned that. Oh well.

Maybe its that he’s trying to hard. Maybe he’s just become too popular for my taste. But bottom line is Stuart Scott is starting to annoy me. Except for “BOOYEAH!”, which has always been a favorite of mine, all his urban/hip hop mumbo jumbo gets old after a while. And no, I don’t feel bad for him because he has that lazy eye. Have you seen him on “Teammates?” Its like he’s trying so hard to fit in with those guys its pathetic. Everything he says is like “wuzzup playa” or “why you hatin’” or “that was straight ballin’” or whatever. I could go through a million of those, but why would I.

Harold Reynolds is the man. He is just straight up in your face “I know what I’m talking about more than you” except he actually does and he doesn’t come across as talking down to everyone. He’s not there to entertain you. He’s there to tell you why Griffey’s swing is off and why the Yankees suck. I feel people can relate to this guy. He played ball the way it should be. He didn’t get up swinging for the fences. He did what it took to win. He’s the nice guy. On Baseball Tonight he’s the little guy who waits for his turn, lets everyone get they’re argument in, then comes down and lays the hammer down in a very soft spoken voice. He never raises his voice like those pansies on Around the Horn.

And better yet, he’s a Christian.

“Some people think that Christianity is a crutch that people use to overcome problems in their life. Something's wrong in their life that they can't fix, and so they lean on God. That was never the case with me. I was never into drugs or alcohol. I didn't run around. I wasn't into partying. I was never down and out. And yet God saved me.”
-Harold Reynolds

Someone tell Stuart Scott to get real.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Baby Ira

This blog is long past due, but a good friend of mine in New York who had a baby and has been having complications. Things have been up and down, but recently Baby Ira has been having problems being weaned off the ventilator. I just would like everyone to pray fervently about this, that the Lord will bless this family and they're situation. For up to date information and to leave encouraging comments for the Hays family, visit


Sunday, May 01, 2005

And I choose....The Dark Side

Chicago White Sox

I've been in a city without a home. I've been living in Chicago with no clue which baseball team to root for. I can either ignore the fact that i'm an astros fan for the 3 hrs that i attend a cubs game at the famed wrigley, or i can go for the stepchildren on the southside. the ones in black that can't sell out a game.

I know this may not come as a surprise to some of you. Just the fact that I live within a 10 min walk from Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, and that I'm constantly surrounded by boisterous Cub fans who all know where I live, should kinda give it away. I tend to shun the "popular." Its what I do.

I've been to 3 cubs games. I chose to cheer for no one. I mean I live right next to one of the greatest could i go against that??? Perposterous? I think not.

I decided to go to a white sox game last night, with, i admit, pretty low expectations. I mean once you've been to fenway and wrigley, you never go back..right? Boy was i wrong. I had a BLAST.

I do have my reasons for picking the White Sox, besides the fact that I like know what i mean. Heres my rundown.

-My 'boys are the astros. that pretty much says i can't root for the cubs...but for arguments sake, i'll go on.

-Shoeless joe jackson...SHOELESS JOE! FIELD OF DREAMS! The wonder himself.

-Comiskey Park...or to some US cellular great. Everything is detailed with little pictures of Sox. I wandered around the park looking at murals of White Sox greats: Shoeless Joe, Bo Jackson, Carlton Fisk, numerous others that date back to the 1800s.

-Cubs fans aren't real fans. seriously. for most of "cubs fans," going to a cubs game is nothing but a commodity. my entire neighborhood is 80% yuppies. thats YOUNG, URBAN, PROFESSIONALS that move from out of town. they have no ties to the cubs. they figure they move here, and root for the cubs because its what you do, right? At white sox games, i sat with families who've been rooting for the sox for generations. Parents bringing they're children to see the game. Thats what its about. thats what i want to be a part of. thats who i want to cheer with. yeah, i realize that i'm a yuppie..that doesn't mean i have to fall in line.

-This year's sox club plays the game the way it should be. they play small ball. they get base hits, steal, bunt, and they can pitch. we've decided they only thing standing in they're way of a world series is sloppy fielding.

As we travelled home that night on the train back to the north side, me and cherie broke out the schedule to figure out how many games we could make it to. So many options. half price mondays. two-for-tuesdays. firewords night. free jersey night.

I think i might purchase a white sox flag and hang it outside....

Yeah just kidding...I didn't say i was stupid.