Sunday, May 01, 2005

And I choose....The Dark Side

Chicago White Sox

I've been in a city without a home. I've been living in Chicago with no clue which baseball team to root for. I can either ignore the fact that i'm an astros fan for the 3 hrs that i attend a cubs game at the famed wrigley, or i can go for the stepchildren on the southside. the ones in black that can't sell out a game.

I know this may not come as a surprise to some of you. Just the fact that I live within a 10 min walk from Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, and that I'm constantly surrounded by boisterous Cub fans who all know where I live, should kinda give it away. I tend to shun the "popular." Its what I do.

I've been to 3 cubs games. I chose to cheer for no one. I mean I live right next to one of the greatest could i go against that??? Perposterous? I think not.

I decided to go to a white sox game last night, with, i admit, pretty low expectations. I mean once you've been to fenway and wrigley, you never go back..right? Boy was i wrong. I had a BLAST.

I do have my reasons for picking the White Sox, besides the fact that I like know what i mean. Heres my rundown.

-My 'boys are the astros. that pretty much says i can't root for the cubs...but for arguments sake, i'll go on.

-Shoeless joe jackson...SHOELESS JOE! FIELD OF DREAMS! The wonder himself.

-Comiskey Park...or to some US cellular great. Everything is detailed with little pictures of Sox. I wandered around the park looking at murals of White Sox greats: Shoeless Joe, Bo Jackson, Carlton Fisk, numerous others that date back to the 1800s.

-Cubs fans aren't real fans. seriously. for most of "cubs fans," going to a cubs game is nothing but a commodity. my entire neighborhood is 80% yuppies. thats YOUNG, URBAN, PROFESSIONALS that move from out of town. they have no ties to the cubs. they figure they move here, and root for the cubs because its what you do, right? At white sox games, i sat with families who've been rooting for the sox for generations. Parents bringing they're children to see the game. Thats what its about. thats what i want to be a part of. thats who i want to cheer with. yeah, i realize that i'm a yuppie..that doesn't mean i have to fall in line.

-This year's sox club plays the game the way it should be. they play small ball. they get base hits, steal, bunt, and they can pitch. we've decided they only thing standing in they're way of a world series is sloppy fielding.

As we travelled home that night on the train back to the north side, me and cherie broke out the schedule to figure out how many games we could make it to. So many options. half price mondays. two-for-tuesdays. firewords night. free jersey night.

I think i might purchase a white sox flag and hang it outside....

Yeah just kidding...I didn't say i was stupid.


kenny said...

or as I like to call them - the Midwest Mets.

Chris Ewing said...

sold your soul to American League.

You're dead to me


The Future said...

Whew, never realized just how ugly Shoeless Joe was. What a freak!!

Good for you Jackson. I make it a point to always cheer for a team in the AL Central, the red headed stepchildren of MLB. This year it's my Indians. Glad you're not rooting for the Twins. The White Sox are a good pick!

Lauren said...

Hey Jeremy have you heard of this?

QUITE strange...