Sunday, May 15, 2005

And Now Batting...

So not too long ago I started playing MVP Baseball 2004 with my own made up team, which consisted of my friends. I was playing today and I thought it would be a good idea to keep everyone updated on how his virtual-persona is doing. It’s a different kind of fantasy baseball. I’ll try to update it on the bar on the right, so everyone can check back and see how the team is faring. So far, we’re posting a 12-11 record (got off to a slow start), but we’re on a 3-game win streak. I made everyone as real as possible, as far as weight and height go. So we’re all a lot shorter than the other teams. As for skill…lets just say everyone is having a career year. Now on to the team. I tried to copy this pretty much as close as possible to who was on the bad news bears team back in the day. I chose us to be the Chicago White Sox. I chose the AL because I could have more friends/virtual persona’s on the team, and because they have those sweet 1919 uniforms. Heres the lineup. This is also the batting order:

-CF Jeremy Jackson (that’s me!!) I’m tiny, but I got speed to burn. I can pretty much bunt a single whenever I want.

-SS John Lewis- classic 2-hole man..decent speed and contact, has a spectacular glove at short. He’s got more power than I expected.

-LF- Josue Villareal- What can I say, he’s Mexican. He got off to a hot start, but lately he’s been in a slump. But he delivers when needed.

-1b/DH Brock Cloutier- Too much power for his own good.

-1b/DH Chris Ewing- a pal of mine from camp, he brings a lefty bat into the lineup. And lots of pop. And some attitude.

-3B Stephen Thomason- He’s a freak. Strong arm at third, and can knock the mess out of the ball.

-RF Zach Nieland- Strong arm in the outfield, a bit streaky of a hitter. Tends to trip a lot out in the field. J j/k

-C Cody McCain- you’ve never met a better defensive catcher. He’s an animal back there. As for hitting, lets just say he’s there for the defense.

-Utility-Man Kevin Hackett- Can play wherever, and its funny to watch a lefty turn-two.

-2b Adam Brown- has good pop for being at the bottom, and has great speed. Unfortunately, he separated his shoulder and just came off the DL.

If you have a specific number you want to be, let me know. If for some reason people fight over numbers, whoever performs on the diamond gets the number.

Our pitchers are real players, so if anyone would like to signup to be a pitcher, let me know.

Oh, and last thing, I am playing on the hardest level, that’s why our stats are not outrageously inflated.



Tidmore said...

Can aPitcher be a fat-butt? Cause if so I'd love to be your pitcher!

On a side note, I was forced to play catcher on friday night in my Softball game, and dang it if my legs ain't sore from all that squatting! I think I must have been putting all my wieght on my right leg, cause it's super sore while my left one is just slightly sore! (BTW we got spanked 24 - 7 which makes our team 4-5, we were doing good too, but not so much the last few weeks!)

The Future said...

I'm always #25. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, etc. You get the picture. I use steroids.

Okay, so I think I have always been #25 after Steve Kerr from almost a decade ago, but it stuck. Even Viagra man uses it! (Palmeiro)

Josue Villarreal said...

Juice, put me at #23, that's my agent number with the company, btw you need to add my blog to yours


JonGrubbs said...

Wow. It's just like all those bad memories from elementary school. Once again, Jonathan doesn't make the team. I'm content to be the bat boy or foul ball getter. Just being near you greats is good enough for me.

kentbrantly said...

i'm with grubbs. give me any job, as long as i get a uniform and get to sit in the dugout. i've always wanted to sit in the dugout.

J-Wild said...

I want to be a pitcher. As I recall I have a wicked Wiffle ball curve that is practically unhitable.