Saturday, May 07, 2005

Changing Face of ESPN

Move over

I used to love this guy. If he wasn’t anchoring sportscenter that night, I actually considered changing the channel. Not that I actually did, but the thought crossed my mind. He had all these funny quotes that cracked me up. He was intense, motivated…and….funny. I think I mentioned that. Oh well.

Maybe its that he’s trying to hard. Maybe he’s just become too popular for my taste. But bottom line is Stuart Scott is starting to annoy me. Except for “BOOYEAH!”, which has always been a favorite of mine, all his urban/hip hop mumbo jumbo gets old after a while. And no, I don’t feel bad for him because he has that lazy eye. Have you seen him on “Teammates?” Its like he’s trying so hard to fit in with those guys its pathetic. Everything he says is like “wuzzup playa” or “why you hatin’” or “that was straight ballin’” or whatever. I could go through a million of those, but why would I.

Harold Reynolds is the man. He is just straight up in your face “I know what I’m talking about more than you” except he actually does and he doesn’t come across as talking down to everyone. He’s not there to entertain you. He’s there to tell you why Griffey’s swing is off and why the Yankees suck. I feel people can relate to this guy. He played ball the way it should be. He didn’t get up swinging for the fences. He did what it took to win. He’s the nice guy. On Baseball Tonight he’s the little guy who waits for his turn, lets everyone get they’re argument in, then comes down and lays the hammer down in a very soft spoken voice. He never raises his voice like those pansies on Around the Horn.

And better yet, he’s a Christian.

“Some people think that Christianity is a crutch that people use to overcome problems in their life. Something's wrong in their life that they can't fix, and so they lean on God. That was never the case with me. I was never into drugs or alcohol. I didn't run around. I wasn't into partying. I was never down and out. And yet God saved me.”
-Harold Reynolds

Someone tell Stuart Scott to get real.



BSC said...

And he has a new series of instructional videos poised to challenge Tom Emanski and his back-to-back-to-back world AAU champions tapes.

The Future said...

I want to add a second name to that list. For NBA news and analysis, it doesn't get any better than Greg Anthony. An ex-player, he knows what it takes to get it done, and he doesn't kiss up to any team or any player. He doesn't want to make out with Shaq (Bill Walton) or Kobe (Stephen A. Smith) or even MJ (Ahmad Rashad, Bob Costas). He just tells it like it is, doesn't yell etc.

I totally agree with Harold Reynolds. I always liked the guy. If ESPN was just guys like Reynolds or Greg Anthony, that would be the greatest station ever. Instead, they do "top 10 plays" and catchphrases. Booyah! Woopee.

Allison said...

I lost all respect for SportsCenter when they had Cheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette on as musical guests! What the heck is that about! Look the best SportsCenter anchors ever were Dan Patrick and Kieth Olberman. I watched them everynight all through the early 90's.

I like Harold, and actually had the pleasure of meeting him. At Preston Road Church of Christ in Dallas he spoke at the Senior was great. However I don't think he would do well on SC. He is perfect for the in depth analysis of an in depth game like baseball. He lacks the charisma for the cursory overview of the days sports that SC requires. I like Stuart, but his annoyingness is just a symptom of the disease that is ESPN owned by Disney.

By the way...what's up with MNF being moved to ESPN in 2006! That is huge and so happening under the radar. That is just wrong!

J-Wild said...

Uh...yea! Well didn't realize that Allison was logged in when I posted. I am sure Allison would have something to say about SC and Stuart Scott, but the words above are mine not hers.


Kate said...

Omigosh! I just read Allison's post and then clicked on the blogger profile thinking, this CAN'T be Allison...and I saw J-Wild underneath so I thought it really must be her; I don't know this crazy-sports-fan-Allison. Where'd my friend go? Now that J-Wild has clarified, I'm feeling better. Whew! That was scary.